Elium: Prison Escape, Medieval Stealth Game Launches On Steam
Elium Prison Escape

Spanish game developer Lone Artisan Games announced that the prison-escape, medieval, first-person combat game, Elium: Prison Escape, is currently available for purchase on Steam for $13.99. During the first week of being on sale you can actually get it for 10% off the normal price for only $12.59.

The game is a single-player, stealth-oriented, hack-and-slash adventure. You’ll be tasked with navigating through a dark, medieval torture dungeon in hopes of escaping and clasping hold of this little thing called freedom.

You can see what the gameplay is like for this first-person hack-and-slash title by checking out the launch trailer below.

There’s some obvious rough-around-the-edges combat mechanics, and the clipping is pretty obvious in certain sequences. Even still, the design of the game is not about directly engaging in conflict, but finding ways out of the torture dungeon, using whatever means possible.

Developer Oscar Sanz, the indie developer creator of this title, explained in the press release that it’s also about utilizing the environment to trick enemies, to outwit them and to get out of harm’s way without falling victim to a well placed sword slash to the schlong…

“You may think that Elium – Prison Escape is about fighting only, but it’s not. You can also also take your enemies from the shadows or use distractions to subtly sneak past the prison guards”

This mixture of out-and-out sword and board combat along with stealth gameplay sets Elium: Prison Escape apart from plenty of other titles out there. It’s like a miniature version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance without the sex scenes, the epic battle sequences, the cinematics, or the gripping story… you get the gist.

Now if you’re not keen on first-person combat, it’s okay. There’s an option to zoom out so you can see your rugged, manly man do battle against other NPCs. Additionally, you can gang up on the enemy by freeing other prisons and staging a large scale escape. To keep the gameplay fresh Sanz made Elium‘s dungeons randomly generate, so there’s no such thing as memorizing a single layout.

If you’re interested in Elium: Prison Escape, you can check the game out over on the Steam page or scope out the discussion threads for more info.


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