Fahrenheit 451 Trailer Has A Few People Questioning The Casting Choices
Fahrenheit 451

HBO is bringing Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 to life in the form of a movie this May on the premium cable channel. They released the first trailer featuring Michael Shannon and Michael B. Jordan, and not everyone was keen on the casting choice for the film.

Some people were disappointed that the world of HBO’s vision of Fahrenheit 451 is painted with a dystopian brush; doused in desperation from a flask of dark dolor. The film is about a group of “Firemen” whose job is to burn all of literature. Book burners.

The objective is to rid the world of individualism so that people can only attain and retain information from propaganda media controlled by the government. A future without cognitive separation from the hivemind, and a society built around the globalists vision of a truly, mindless multicultural zeitgeist of flesh and bone.

Thematically the film looks and carries a very similar tone to Kurt Wimmer’s Equilibrium, but without the awesomeness of Gun-Kata… or Christian Bale.You can view the trailer below.

A lot of comments are about Michael B. Jordan reprising his role as Killmonger from Black Panther. Others joked that the actor seems to enjoy taking on parts that seem to do with either turning into fire or burning things down or burning things up. A few others, however, questioned Hollywood’s decision to cast someone who doesn’t seem to fit what Bradbury had originally envisioned for the character.

Others also chimed in to note that there’s a current trend in many of Hollywood’s films and streamed content that features a very specific kind of sociopolitical tone.

A few commented on how given the way the film was portrayed in the trailer that it was likely that there would be a Liberal slant to the film since almost all major movies released these days have very Left-leaning messages.

Even non-Americans recognized that the casting seemed very “Americanized” in keeping with a very certain kind of sociopolitical aim that the movie producers were going for.

Even fans of the actors weren’t entirely keen on the casting choices, saying that they just “don’t see the casting choice”, but were hoping that the actors did well enough for the role.

Of course, there are some comments that just go ahead and call a spade and spade and point out that the current trend of putting certain actors and actresses in some roles are completely reversed to how they were depicted in the original material.

Plenty of moviegoers and streaming subscribers have voiced their opinions and anguish at the current cultural shift taken by Hollywood and services like Amazon and Netflix to heavily push for certain kinds of divisive politics within their films. We’ll see if the current stream of backlash exhibited by the general public will affect HBO when Fahrenheit 451 goes live this May.


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