Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Benchmark Tool Available
Final Fantasy XV Benchmark Tool

Square Enix decided to help PC gamers prep for the impending release of Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition by rolling out a free benchmarking tool to help gamers test their rig to see if it’s up to scratch for handling their super mammoth JRPG.

You can benchmark the game for your glorious PC master rig over on the Square Enix website.

The benchmark tool allows for resolutions up to 4K, which is 3840 x 2160 pixels per inch. The tool also features HDR support for displays that have that option.

You’ll only be able to use the tool on Windows 10 with the Creators Update or higher.

The benchmark tool also comes with Nvidia GameWorks, the same API that caused all those problems for Batman: Arkham Knight and The Witcher 3, especially if you were using an AMD GPU. That whole fiasco caused some massive backlash, including AMD accusing Nvidia of sabotage.

Anyway, the site warns you that you won’t be able to play anything in the benchmarking demo, and that it’s only there as a tool to test whether or not your graphics card can handle running Final Fantasy XV in real-time and at certain settings.

If you’re using a potato you may as well not even bother, it’s like one of those feminist activists trying to score a date with Tom Brady. Why would he go from a supermodel to someone whose only claim to fame is wishing they could get a few retweets on their fanfic #MeToo story?

Anyway, you’ll need the Microsoft.NET Framework 4.6 installed before you decide to jump in and run the benchmark on your machine.

You can grab a look at what the benchmark tool will test on your machine if you decide to install it, courtesy of Yongpari033.

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Anyway, Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition is due for release next month on March 6th for PC.


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