GTA 5 Mod Lets You Create A Custom Single-Player Girlfriend

GTA 5 Single-Player Girlfriend

With feminists going out of their way to create gender separation and division amongst the sexes, and the media going out of their way to demonize gamers as sexists, racists, transphobic, misogynistic harassers, it feels like there’s no where to go for gamers to just enjoy themselves while committing mass murders and getting a bit of poontang pie on the side.

Well, for gamers who want to do some rampaging, some romping, and some running around in an open-world environment without having to cede your freedoms over to the authoritarian dictatorship known as GTA Online, there’s actually a single-player girlfriend mod for GTA V, which will allow you to bridge the connection between males and females, commit tons of murders, kill civilians, harass cops, and enjoy Valentine’s Day without worrying about all the bullcrap that comes along with it from real life human beings or the trashy media outlets that perpetuate the gender wars.

That’s right, you can download the GTA V Custom Girlfriend mod right now from over on the page.

It allows you to customize your very own girlfriend in the game who won’t lecture you about the geometric oppression of manspreading, or weigh down your tolerance with nagging about the aerodynamics behind wolf whistling. That’s right, you can get all the goodness that comes from a real-girlfriend, with no none of the downsides… and you can do it all within GTA V.

“But what about the sexy-time?” some of you might be asking. Well, don’t worry my dude… modder uirty has you covered with several in-game options to fulfill your needy desires.

GTA 5 Girlfriend Mod - Sex Options

The mod allows you to modify the look and behavior of your girlfriend, from her eyes and lip size, right down to her facial hair and tattoos.

You can modify the badges, accessories, components, skin types, and more. Once you’ve created the perfect in-game avatar that you want as your girlfriend, you can save the skin and get ready to experience the sanguine results of doing the body-sandwich salsa of mayhem across Los Santos.

You will need a couple of prerequisites before the script can work as intended. You’ll need ScripHookV, which you can grab from over on You’ll need ScriptHookVDotNet2, which you can get from Crosire’s page. And you’ll need the NativeUI from Guad’s repository.

Once you install the prerequisites, you’ll need to create a folder for the scripts in GTA V‘s main directory, and copy over the Custom Girlfriend mod files into the scripts folder. That’s it, you’re done.

You’ll have a fully functional girlfriend for use in your single-player exploits within GTA V.