The Inpatient PS4 Gameplay Walkthrough
The Inpatient Gameplay Walkthrough

The PlayStation VR title, The Inpatient, almost silently made its way onto the market back in late January of 2018. It wasn’t one of those games that really stood out from the pack enough to capture the attention of a hungry gaming audience who latched onto the popular Dragon Ball FighterZ and Monster Hunter World. Nevertheless, for the few thousand people who did happen to purchase a copy of Supermassive Games’ The Inpatient, there’s a gameplay walkthrough available.

YouTuber Shirrako has a four-part series covering the game from start to finish. Much like the other Supermassive outings it’s a rather short affair, and much like other VR titles out there, it clocks in at just under two hours. You can check out the first part below.

At the start of the game you’ll be able to choose your gender and skin tone.

You can choose a couple of questions during the opening sequence, as the doctor attempts to get a few answers out of you but you can also ask him a few questions.

You can choose how to answer the questions, being either optimistic and honest or bewildered and confused about a flashback involving a guy finding you in a closet.

You’ll have to answer a few more questions and then you’ll be introduced to a question from a soy boy and if you choose to sarcastic it will initiative part of the butterfly effect, an element in the game where your choices will affect events later on in the game.

The Inpatient - She's Out of your League

After some lengthy cinematics you can use the left analog to move around and the right analog to look around.

Hold down the right trigger to pick up objects.

If you pick up the piece of paper on the desk beside the bed and look on the back of the paper to trigger a quick flashback.

You can choose to have the orderly stick around or tell him you need some space. Sit down on the bed. He’ll come back and ask about his notes, you can either be mischievous or defensive – if you tell him that you didn’t read his notes then he’ll tell you that he “owes you one”.

During the nightmare sequence you’ll need to follow the orderly around the halls. When Victoria comes in you can ask her about the new patient or you can be friendly.

Check the leaf on the window sill to trigger a flashback. Talk to the guy and he’ll ask you about why you’re there. You can choose to be friendly or you can be sarcastic – if you’re sarcastic it will trigger a butterfly effect moment.

Examine the leaf on the sill again to trigger a flashback about Victoria.

Victoria will bring in a sandwich – you can eat it to trigger another set of questions from your cellmate.

While talking to your cellmate he will ask about getting out of there. You can either choose to humor him or mention that you want to get out.

Victoria will bring more food – you can examine the cup to trigger another flashback and eat the sandwich to make your stomach full.

You can either defend the institution or agree with your roommate that something isn’t right.

After another nightmare sequence, your roommate will question you about whether or not they’ll come back for you.

He’ll eat some stale bread and then go to bed. Go to the bars on the door to trigger another flashback.

After the memories you can tell your rommate that you’re having strange dreams or that your memories are coming back.

Your cellmate will begin chipping away at the wall to get a brick free; if you aren’t supportive of him then he’ll punch you in the face and knock you out.

During the next nightmare sequence you’ll have to walk down the hall and through the door to your left. Through the door is a n operating room with a dead man on the gurney and slaughtered nurse on the floor. Head into the next room and through the door on the right.

Keep walking down the hall while the environmental effects are triggered. There’s a growling dog you’ll hear in the distance – make your way through the door.

After the nightmare sequence ends, your cellmate will talk about being trapped in the mines. Something will bang on the door and then you’ll wake up and he’ll try to feed you a bug. If you reject his offer you’ll unlock a trophy, as showcased in the walkthrough from Survival Horror Network at the 40 minute mark.

You can trigger another memory looking at the calendar and then your cellmate will blame himself saying it’s all his fault – you’ll activate a butterfly effect if you say “people can change”.

When he lays down to go to sleep you can walk into the hallway where bugs are crawling everywhere. The doors on the left and the right will be available.

Head down the hallway to trigger more flashbacks during the nightmare sequence. Make your way back around into the cell and it will take you to the next sequence down a long twisting hall.

Head into the room, pick up the action figure inside the toy box and then turn around to see a jump-scare monster.

Follow the shadow of the monster to the end of the hall to end the nightmare sequence.

You’ll end back up inside your room with a flashlight. Take the flashlight and exit the room.

You’ll find the dead bodies of the sanitarium’s staff littering the hallways.

In the closest next to the dead body of the dude with the glasses there’s a note on the wall that will trigger a memory.

Continue down the hall into the recreation room. There’s a clipboard on the table with the chess set. Pick it up to trigger the memory.

Head into the hall and press the elevator button to call up the elevator.

Go inside and press the button.

Exit the elevator once it reaches the lower floor and head down the long hallway. The black chick, Victoria, will fall from the ceiling with her throat slashed.

Head into the open room and move over to the table and to examine the folder. This will trigger another flashback.

You’ll meet with another orderly named David who is still alive, and you can either tell him you don’t know who you are or you’re a patient. Your choice will have a butterfly effect.

David will explain that things went downhill after they brought in the surviving miners from the cave collapsing in. However, some of the miners began turning into actual monsters.

Follow David through the offices, the halls and down the steps. Stay close behind him. He’ll take you through the corridors to Brad’s office. Before you get to the office there’s a door you can open with a projector. You can activate the projector.


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