Insidia, Fast-Paced Turn-Based PvP Game Graduates Early Access This February

Italian developer Bad Seed announced that their interesting new turn-based, hyper-fast, PvP strategy game, Insidia, is set to graduate from Steam’s Early Access starting later this month in February.

The game originally made its debut on Steam when it entered into open beta testing back in September of 2017 last year. They’ve been refining the game and taking in feedback since then, moving slowly toward a full launch this year.

The game is currently free-to-play even in Early Access, so there’s nothing really to lose save for bandwidth and hard drive space if you wanted to give it a go.

The game will also be available for Ubunto users running Linux or the SteamOS software platform. Bad Seed mentioned in one of their most recent updates that it took a lot of trial and error, but they finally managed to pull through with Linux support.

The hook for Insidia is that the game is themed around simultaneous turn-based combat, where both players issue their commands at the same time and watch everything play out in a matter of seconds. This ensures that matches are high-octane and very fast paced, even more-so thanks to the 15 minute match limits.

You can see how the gameplay unfolds with the trailer below.

It’s good to know that Italian developers haven’t kowtowed to the hideous artistic styles of the West that relegates women to look like men or to be butch and unattractive. Big thumbs up to Bad Seed for recognizing that for women in video games… it’s okay to be sexy.

There are 19 total characters that will be in the game, along with a variety of different maps and game modes for players to engage in.  You’ll have a team of four at your command while you’re attempting to take over control points on the map while also staving off your opponents from doing the same. This creates for some interesting showdowns in a short amount of time.

You can learn more about Inisidia by hitting up the game’s Steam store page.


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