Jessica Jones Season 2 Trailer Teases Kilgrave And Interracial Lesbians
Jessica Jones

Netflix couldn’t resist the urge to tease the only good part about the first season of Jessica Jones, David Tennat’s Kilgrave. The last part of the trailer for the second season of the Marvel and Netflix marriage heavily hints at the Purple Man making a return to form in the upcoming season.

The trailer also reveals that Carrie Anne Moss will be making a return as well, and they don’t even hold back on the interracial lesbian relationship set to take place in the show.

Jessica Jones S2 - Interracial Relationship

It’s almost like Netflix is making it known that they don’t want a certain demographic tuning in to watch the show at all, and they’re intent on shooing away certain people with the trailer alone.

Nevertheless, the theme of the second season is about self-discovery… more like rediscovering the past. Instead of progressing forward with an interesting case, the series will delve back into Jessica Jones’ past to discover how she came to be and what gave her the powers she has. These stories almost never come to fruition in satisfying ways because the origin stories are almost always universally awful, with the exception of Iron Man, but I guess people who are interested in the sardonic mystery series, you can check out the trailer below.

To be completely honest, I never really cared about Jessica Jones as a Netflix show. It just didn’t seem very interesting, sort of like the low-rent version of Daredevil without the cool fight scenes and the feminist version of Luke Cage without the ghetto vibe.

Nevertheless, the trailer managed to trend on YouTube briefly before being overtaken with all the hype, talk, discussion and disappointment with the Venom trailer that Sony rushed out like a deadbeat dad taking his final paycheck before skedaddling off with the 20$ mistress he meat at the Beaver Cleaver on the forbidden corner that your parents always warned you away from on your way to school.

If you need a good dose of televised estrogen in your entertainment digestion system, then you can look for Jessica Jones‘ second season to drop on March 8th.


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