Kingdom Come: Deliverance Ending Explained
Kingdom Come Deliverance Ending Explained

Gamers interested in what all the politicking and warring was about in Warhorse Studios’ Kingdom Come: Deliverance for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One can find out with a quick ending explained synopsis right here.

The game starts in early 15th century Bohemia with Wenceslas “The Idle” inheriting the Bohemian throne, but living up to his moniker of being “idle” and not doing much to move the prosperity of the land forward by failing to show up for his own coronation. Meanwhile, the former King’s half brother, Sigismund of Luxembourg — who also happens to be the king of Hungary and Croatia — ends up displacing Wenceslas and opts to take drastic steps to restore order to the empire by raping and pillaging his way across the land using his army of Cumans… since they were all that he could afford.

Sigismund and his Cuman army make their way through the countryside villages, burning and torching the places at any sign of revolt. Sigismund’s men raid and rape their way through the small village of Skalitz, killing many of the inhabitants there save for the bastard son of the blacksmith, Henry.

Henry escapes and makes his way to the nearby town of Talmberg for refuge. After burying his parents and vowing revenge against Sigismund’s right hand man, Sir Markvart von Aulitz, Henry becomes the vassal under Sir Radzig Kobyla of Dvojitz, and begins training up his abilities as a swordsman and archer.

Kingdom Come Deliverance - Sir Radzig Kobyla

Henry begins training in the way of the sword, helping out those along the countryside while slowly improving his abilities. He also taps into his inner alpha male, banging a couple of chicks along the way.

One of the biggest turning points of Henry’s development in getting revenge against Sigismund’s army is when he discovers a bandit camp where the leader was the one responsible for stealing the last sword that Henry and his father forged together.

Kingdom Come Deliverance - Cumans and the Bandits

Henry discovers that the bandits who stole the sword are actually in cahoots with Sigismund’s Cuman mercenaries. However, before Henry can find out where the sword can be located, the bandit leader is killed.

They discover that Sigismund has attempted to pilfer the mines of Skalitz for its silver in order to keep his Cuman mercenaries paid.

It’s also discovered that a counterfeit operation was in play to help recruit some of the soldiers and they were using the monastery as a conduit to help fund the war.

While uncovering the counterfeit and mercenary operation it turns out that Sigismund has been paying Radzig’s former friend, the Hungarian known as Sir Itsvan Toth, to raise an army of peasants and thugs from around the Bohemian countryside in order to thin the forces in the area, especially while King Wenceslas was being held captive by Sigismund. The idea was to prevent any of the smaller regions from mounting an offense against Sigismund, and when push came to shove, Sigismund could call on the mercenary reinforcements to destroy the remaining allies of King Wenceslas.

Henry gets captured scouting out the mercenary operation and Itsvan reveals that Henry’s father isn’t actually the son of a blacksmith but actually the son of Radzig. Itsvan also has the sword that Henry and the blacksmith, Martin, forged together.

Sir Itsvan Toth manages to lure Divish, Hanush and Radzig’s armies to his camp in the hills, and then manages to fortify their own castle and capture Radzig and Divish’s wife while also holding the townsfolk captive.

Kingdom Come Deliverance – Hostages

Henry manages to lead a group inside the castle to rescue Lady Stephanie, Lord Divish’s wife… yes, the same Lady Stephanie that Henry banged.

Itsvan, however, flees with Radzig as a captive to the edge of the fiefdom after letting Stephanie go free.

Itsvan keeps his word, freeing Radzig at the edge of Skalitz, but he keeps Henry’s custom made sword, riding off into the sunset with it.

After rescuing Radzig, he reveals that he couldn’t raise Henry as his own because Henry’s mother was a commoner, thus he was unable to marry her. Martin, however, the super-badass blacksmith came along with a ton of honor and took care of Henry and his mother even while Radzig took off to live the life of a nobleman.

Martin was the real hero here… a true badass, and even took care of a bastard who wasn’t his own. It’s a shame he died to save a soy boy like Henry.

Kingdom Come Deliverance - Martin A True Badass

The game ends when the small group of leaders in Bohemia decide to send an envoy to the Lords of the land and ask them what should be done about Sigismund and his army. Henry and another young lord make the journey outside of the fiefdom while Henry laments not being able to get his revenge against Istvan Toth or Sir Markvart von Aulitz. Henry also complains about not being man enough to retrieve his custom sword from Istvan Toth.

The game ends with the two riding off out of the fiefdom to confer with the Lords.

There’s also a secret ending at the start of the game. If you get into a fight and get caught by the guard you can be sent to jail and the game will end there.

TL; DR: Sigismund of Hungary was used to the brutal savagery of Hungary and dealing with uprisings by crushing them with extreme prejudice. When Wenceslas was supposed to take over the crown in Bohemia after his brother passed away and refused, Sigismund came in to force Wenceslas to take over country after Wenceslas refused the crown. When the Bohemian residents showed resistance to Sigismund’s antics he reverted to his Hungarian ways and pillaged the villages that didn’t comply. Henry, the bastard son of the lord Radzig, is a victim of Sigismund’s raids. He vows revenge and gets stronger, but fails to do anything against Sigismund or his top generals. Instead Henry only manages to help fight off one of Sigismund’s underlings, Sir Itsvan Toth. The game ends with Henry traveling outside of the fiefdom in order to seek help from the Lords of the land in order to deal with Sigismund and his group of pillaging Cumans.


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