Kingdom Come: Deliverance Gameplay Walkthrough
Kingdom Come Deliverance Gameplay Walkthrough

Warhorse Studios and Deep Silver’s Kingdom Come: Deliverance is now out and available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game is available both digitally and physically for home consoles and PC. For gamers looking for a little help with the main quests and getting started, there’s a gameplay walkthrough guide available for Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

YouTuber ESO Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides has a starter video for the early goings of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which you can view below.

The game starts with a brief backstory on the real life history that the game is based on. It sets up how the king of Hungary, Sigismund, has been pillaging Bohemia after the supposed heir to the throne neglected to take charge of the kingdom.

You’ll be able to select the default starting attributes based on the excuses you can give to your mum. The excuse relates to each category of attributes:

There are two questions at the start that will give you two levels in either of the four categories above.

They teach you some of the basics in the game, such as sneaking around, which can be down by pressing in the left analog stick.

You’ll have four starting quests at first, given to you by your alpha-male father who most certainly is not on a soy diet.

The quests are listed on the map, which you can view above.

The first major quest is talking to Kunesh to get your money back.

The game will teach you how to persuade other NPCs, which includes using your speech skills to persuade people, using intimidation to persuade people, or use violence to persuade people.

If you decide to use violence as an alternative you’ll need to understand how to fight. You can use the right trigger to do a slow strong attack, the right bumper is to do a quick attack, left trigger is to kick, and the left bumper is to block.

You can lock onto a character by pressing in the right analog stick.

If you don’t have high enough points in your speech skills you won’t be able to persuade someone with low speech skills.

For Kunesh, you can attempt to fight him but you likely won’t win. However, you can sneak up behind him, using the left trigger and knock him out. You can raid his body with your hands – rubbing all over his hairy flesh – take his keys and his clothes. You can use the keys to open the chest inside his house, take the nails and hammer, along with the axe and money.

On your way back your louse of friends will want to get back at Deustch.

Kingdom Come Deliverance - Deustch

You can choose to help the friends get back at Deustch or you can choose to sit it out.

If you choose to help them you’ll need to distract Deustch’s wife by talking to her.

Once she leaves you’ll paint Deustch’s house with some fresh, warm, moist and slimy poop… fresh out the hot bunghole of a fat cow.

You’ll get into a gang fight with your buddies, The Warriors-style. If you gang up on the peasant and level them with your lightning fast fists of fury, you can actually level up your vitality and strength.

Next you’ll need to run from the catchpole, but if he does catch up to you, just tell him that you couldn’t let the king be insulted and he’ll let you off. Meet up with your lousy lads at Kunesh’s place to finish that quest.


Go talk to the charcoal merchant who is just down the street from the tavern. Buy 10 coals to complete that quest.

You’ll find Bianca at the tavern and you’ll need to ask for a pitcher of ale. Get the ale last so it doesn’t get warm when you give it to your father, otherwise he’ll make you get another pint of ale if you wait too long to give it to him.

Bianca will also give you three Saviour Schnapps, which will allow you to manually save the game. You’ll have limited saves, just like with using ribbons in Resident Evil 7.

The sword trainer will also have a sword training tutorial for you. Go talk to him to start the combat arena tutorial. He’s located near the ship pen.

Much like For Honor, you can change the direction of your attacks. Use the right analog to change the direction of your attacks. You can chain attacks by quickly changing directions using the right trigger or right bumper in combination with the right analog to quickly pull off combo attacks.

Once you get done with the basic tutorial missions head back to your old man and tell him about Kunesh and the tools. Head to the guards and ask for the crossguard and grip.


A lengthy cinematic will play, where small bits and pieces of Martin’s history will be revealed.

Kingdom Come Deliverance - Massacre

Ride To Talmberg

Your next major quest is to ride to Talmberg and warn the next town over about the slaughter. Head down the pathway and follow the fence toward the horse.

There’s a chick about to get raped by some soldiers, but you’re likely going to be a pussy and not save her, so go ahead… be a pussy and get on your horse and ride away. If you were playing Martin instead of Henry you probably would have been badass enough to save that lady, but Henry seems to have some soy in his blood. If you have the balls you can attempt to cut at them and run to at least attempt to save the chick from getting raped.

Head east-northeast toward Talmberg; follow the quest marker on your compass at the top of the screen.

By the time you get to the fort, another cinematic will play, and then you’ll need to make your way into the nearby kitchen with Sir Robard.

Eat some food and then go to bed. To eat you’ll need to open your inventory and then in the inventory menu you can breast the ‘A’ button on the Xbox controller or ‘X’ on the DualShock to eat the food.

Follow the marker outside of the kitchen and into the house at the end of the fort where you can sit down on the bed pressing ‘A’ and then pressing ‘A’ again to lay down.

When the lady comes to visit Henry at night, you can either choose to not talk about the raid or talk about it. If you choose to talk about the raid you can get some additional attribute points by talking to the lady about the raid.

After the lengthy talking sequence, you’ll need to take the torch and head up to the battlements to talk to the captain. Another cinematic will start.

As depicted in the walkthrough from AFGuides, you’ll have to keep watch of the battlements once the cinematic ends.

After roaming around the battlements for a bit, you can sleep and wait until morning to end your shift guarding the battlements.

Another lengthy cinematic will play. You’ll have three quests:
Talk to Sir Robard
Get A Horse
Bury your loved ones in Skalitz

Talk first to Sir Robard and attempt to persuade him to let you get to Skalitz. If your skills are high enough you can convince Robard to let you go back to Skalitz, otherwise you’ll have to sneak out of the fort.

Alternatively, go talk to the gate guard and if you have high enough speech skills you can convince the gate guard to give you tips on how to get out. If you tell him that you have to get out to bury your parents, he’ll suggest that he can let you out if you’re kitted up like a Talmberg soldier. You’ll need to get a full Talmberg soldier outfit.

You can attempt to snuff out a guard; there are a few walking by their lonesome around the fort. You can take the guard’s clothes and outfit yourself in the Talmberg garb to sneak out of the fort.

Head back to Guard Radim and tell him to let you out. If you’re in the armor he’ll let you go free. Attempt to find a horse and make your way back to Skalitz. Alternatively you can travel by foot, but it’s not wise to walk given that it’s a long ways away.

Don’t be like in the courage-less dog in the video up above and kill everyone on your way back to the village, it’s a bad and disgusting look. That’s not to mention the coward in the video above didn’t even save Theresa’s rear from getting ravaged by the Hungarians.

When you get back to Skalitz, walk up the road and a cinematic will play when Henry gets close to his dead parents.

You’ll need to find a spade to bury your parents. Head into the lower part of the village and you’ll hear a dog barking. Follow the barking to an alley with a dog and dude. The dude has a spade. You’ll need it.

You can either attempt to persuade the man to give you his spade or fight him. If you fight him he’ll run away and leave the spade. Take the spade back to the bodies of your dead parents to bury them under the Indian tree.

The Indian Tree is up near the fort. Make your way to the tree to trigger another cinematic.

You’ll fight one of the bandits but will lose. A cinematic will play and the intro will come on as Theresa comes to save Henry from being sword-raped to death with his own sword! Yes, the beginning tutorial is like three hours long.

During a nightmare sequence you’ll need to play as Henry and save your parents. Follow the sound of their voices to their location to end the cinematic.

Your task after getting healed up is to ride to Pirkstein to visit Sir Radzig. Your other main objective is to find that chrome dome Markvart von Aulitz and murder him up real good to avenge the death of your parents.

If you talk to the Miller Peshek and he’ll give you a quest to find a spade, dig up a dead body, nab the ring, and give it to the Miller in Kohelnitz.

You’ll also need to get your items from the trunk. Your weapons and armor are located in the trunk.

The ring actually isn’t located in the grave but at the Executioner’s place. Executioner Hermann is located in the nearby village through the forest, as indicated on the map.

You can pay 15 Grochan and he’ll give you the ring, alternatively you can fight him and risk killing him to take the ring.

Head back to Miller Peshek and he’ll give you the next quest, which involves paying off the rest of your debt for Theresa nursing you back to health. And remember, the main quest objectives will always pop up on your map, so you can easily spot out where they are and where you need to go to complete them.


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