Kung Fury Full Length Movie Sequel Nabs Michael Fassbender, David Hasselhoff

Kung Fury 2

A sequel to the Kickstarted short film, Kung Fury, is in the works by production outfit Laser Unicorns. The original director, David Sandberg, will be directing and starring in the full length film, alongside Michael Fassbender and David Hasselhoff.

The Hollywood Reporter has a quick article noting that the film will begin shooting this summer across the U.S., and in some place in Europe.

Originally Hasselhoff wasn’t in the 30 minute short film, which racked up nearly 30 million views on YouTube.

Hasselhoff, however, did star in the four minute music video that accompanied the short film called “True Survivor”, which actually managed to garner more views on Hasselfhoff’s official YouTube channel than the Kung Fury short film.

The sequel will take place in 1985 set in Miami, Florida. After defeating Kung Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, Kung Fury starts up his own squad and martial arts academy in Miami. However, one of the members of his Thudercop squad ends up getting killed and the group disbands, all while Hitler attempts to secure the ultimate weapon and plot his revenge against Kung Fury.

Much like the short film, the sequel will see Kung Fury traveling through time in order stop Hitler.

KatzSmith Productions will help produce the flick along with B-Reel Films.

Most people assume that Fassbender will be playing Hitler in the film, which wouldn’t be the first time he’s played an evil Nazi. He was also a supernatural Nazi villain in the Henry Cavill and Dominic Purcell action-horror flick, Blood Creek.

There’s equal amounts of excitement and apprehension for a full length sequel to Kung Fury, mostly due to the fact that the original short worked really well because it was short. Also, trying to milk an hour and half out of Hitler jokes in an era where so many of the Regressive Left have called anyone who isn’t crazy like them a “Nazi” has made Hitler a lot more sympathetic with some groups these days. It might be a hard sell having Hitler as a villain in the sequel, especially after a game like Wolfenstine II: The New Colossus failed to set the charts on fire after heavily playing up the politically-charged marketing about killing Nazis.

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