Memories Of Mars Dev Diaries Explain The World Of The Red Planet

An upcoming first-person adventure game set on Mars is currently under development by 505 Games and Limbic Entertainment, which sees the red planet going from being populated to becoming desolate. Two new dev diary videos further explain what players will be doing in the PC game Memories of Mars and how they’ll be restoring the glory of Mars.

Looking for a hybrid first-person shooter with building elements? The devs are currently working on Memories of Mars, a PC game set to hit Steam Early Access this Spring.

Memories of Mars is an open world survival game with online and sandbox features. These online features will play a part in building up Mars, where players take up the mantle of a recently awakened human clone in the abandoned mining operations of Mars to survive on the now abandoned planet.

Folks interested in the concept of Memories of Mars have two new videos to watch that explain the “Cloning Facility” and the “World of Mars”. If you want to watch these videos that seek to inform viewers about the world of Memories of Mars, the videos are made available to watch thanks to the game’s official YouTube channel.

The devs also detailed on Memories of Mars Steam Early Access update page that one of the game’s basic feature are FLOPS. The acronym stands for “Floating Point Operations Per Second”, and FLOPS are a universal type of “currency” in this game.

FLOPS are needed for character progression, crafting, base building, and for other things of importance. To obtain these things called FLOPS can be done through scavenging and/or killing certain creatures. Another way to obtain FLOPS is participating in special events.

In addition to these special events, the devs want to take a different approach when it comes to in-game events. According to the update post special events will spawn occasionally on the surface, but other players can rob you or even kill you for your FLOPS during said events.

If you want to discover more of Memories of Mars, you can hit up its Steam Early Access page.


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