Metal Gear Survive Reported To Have Sold Poorly In The UK

According to new reports it is said that Konami’s Metal Gear Survive has sold fewer physical copies than what was expected of it during its launch in the U.K. The reports also indicate that the game ranked in at 65th place on Steam and garners around 4,000 to 5,000 players a day.

Metal Gear Survive is currently available to purchase and play across PC via Steam, and PS4 and Xbox One. Speaking of its console counterparts, no official numbers have surfaced, but we do know that from publication site GameRant that…

“In the United Kingdom alone, Metal Gear Survive sold a fraction of what the game’s predecessor sold in physical copies. Even considering other franchise spinoffs in the vein of Survive, it has sold 85% fewer copies than the games before it. But, that is just physical copies. When taking a look on Steam, Metal Gear Survive comes in 65th place for current players, right after H1Z1, which had about 4,000 players online at the time.”

According to EuroGamer the same is said about the game, with the publication site noting that…

“Survive obviously shifted a fraction of the boxed copies that Metal Gear Solid 5 did – although as very different animals, the comparison is somewhat unfair. However, compare Survive’s launch with Rising – another Metal Gear spin-off – and it’s notable Survive sold 85 per cent fewer copies


Its success on Steam is a little harder to pin down, but it is currently way down the list of games sorted by current players – in 65th place just days after launch, behind H1Z1, Europa Universalis 4 and Human: Fall Flat, with at the time of writing 4136 playing worldwide.”

The lack of sales can be attributed to a list of things that played into the current situation that Konami’s  Metal Gear Survive finds itself in. Moreover, many YouTubers and gamers pointed to controversies within the game itself, like the act of purchasing more saves, the use of microtransactions, the whole fiasco revolving around Konami firing Hideo Kojima, or the fact that Metal Gear Survive is pretty much a copy/paste game; the list goes on.

Additional figures from Metal Gear Survive’s Steam chart stats indicate that the game has a fairly low peak-rate and very low player engagement to have just launched.

The engagement numbers sit around  4,000 to 5,000 players a day, and sees an average player count sitting at 3,827 as of this writing.

Time will surely tell how Konam’s Metal Gear Survive is performing around the world, which should also give us a nice rundown on total sales, too.


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