Gabe Newell Reportedly Denies Microsoft’s Rumored Acquisition Of Valve
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A new report has surfaced featuring a supposed response from Gabe Newell about Microsoft allegedly planning to acquire Valve, which makes the whole rumor that much more questionable. The rumor or information about Microsoft looking to acquire three companies can be traced back to a report on Polygon.

Polygon’s report has moved over the face of the Internet quite swiftly with its rumor about Microsoft trying/looking into an acquisition of Electronic Arts, Valve and the PUBG Corp.

If you have been out of the whole rumor info about Microsoft looking to acquire a company, you can get a more seasoned outlook of the whole rumor thanks to YouTuber Rand al Thor 19.

Rand al Thor 19 happens to come across as quite skeptical in the video, and it looks like he was right about it being a rumor.

According to publication site DSOG, Gabe Newell supposedly responded to a fan who emailed him, asking whether the company was being bought by Microsoft, and Newell’s answer was “Not that I’m aware of.”

In addition to the above, it wouldn’t make that much sense for Microsoft to try and acquire Electronic Arts that has several games in early development, while it is reworking and upgrading the Frostbite engine.

We see that it is taking CD Projekt Red a long time to rework the RedEngine, so it would seem silly for Microsoft to step into the middle of an engine rework and purchase the company for their own ends.

This goes with Valve as well, which happens to be working on three new games right now.

The only acquisition that would make sense is that of the PUBG Corporation, which manages to accrue millions of players everyday and placed forth as the most played game on Xbox One according to Forbes. This also fits into Microsoft future plans that publication site Bloomberg made mention of on November 6th, 2017:

“As Microsoft Corp. begins selling a new Xbox console, the focus of its video-game unit is shifting toward software and services.”

The Bloomberg report shines light on Microsoft and its change on success. The company believes that console revenue and unit shipment isn’t so much key but sales of games, subscriptions and related services are key.

In addition to the above, Microsoft isn’t just looking at the Xbox family of consoles but iPhones, Android devices and other gadgets on the market. The company is said to track monthly active users and revenue from software and services, and is looking to expand Xbox Live online usage, “eSports” and “game streaming.”

It would make more sense if the company is looking to build up its live services and maintain players, which would be through games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Hypothetically speaking about an imaginary situation that shouldn’t be taken as fact, if Microsoft acquired PUBG Corporation, it could cut off the PS4 version. This would force anyone who isn’t on PC and likes PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to buy an Xbox console as an alternative to play said game.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts. What do you think of this whole situation? Do you think that Microsoft would actually go through with an acquisition of EA, Valve or the PUBG Corporation?

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