Moero Chronicle Uncensored Nude Mod Is Ripe And Ready For Download
Moero Chronicle Nude Mod

Some games are purposefully censored when they get released in the West. For most games coming out on Steam, it’s now mandatory to meet the Puritan’s standard to keep the naughty bits from the prying eyes of thirsty consumers, or else big daddy law will step in and wreck Valve’s free-market rectum. Thankfully, modders don’t give a toss about what the puritanical busybodies think, whether it’s degenerates on the Left or Christians on the Right, they’ll do what best suits the tastes that their head follows. In the case of Moero Chronicle from Compile Heart and Idea Factory International, modders not only designed an uncensored patch but they took things a step further and designed a nude mod as well.

Courtesy of modder Kitsu, you can download the uncensored patch right now from over on Google Drive. Alternatively, you can download the extra lewd version from Google Drive as well.

There are only two files located in the .7z file and that includes the uncensored nude patch and the readme.

The instructions for installing the mod are available over on

Basically you just download the file, unzip the contents to the game’s Steam folder, and that’s it.

If at some point you need to revert to the censored version again because maybe your dad decided to come back after his long vacation from years ago when he left on a Tuesday, and you need to run the family friendly version because your mom is peeping over your shoulders to see what sort of father and son time you’re spending with each other, you can backup the MA00000.PAC file and replace the nude patch when you feel like playing the censored version again.

The patch does a couple of things. First up, it removes the hearts that censored the sweet bits on the ladies in Moero Chronicle. Second up, it adds detail to the scrumptious parts to make them oh-so-much more naughtier than before. If you click through the image below you’ll be able to see for yourself just how much naughtier the game has become.

If you simply install the heart removal patch, the girls are definitely lewd, but they’re not anatomically correct and there are no details on the nipples or genitalia, which might ruin the fun for some gamers.

Nevertheless, if you haven’t picked up a copy of the game, it’s available over on the Steam store for $19.99.


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