Monster Prom, Multiplayer Dating Sim Arrives on Steam April 27th
Monster Prom

Indie developer Beautiful Glitch and publisher Those Awesome Guys have announced that a brand new multiplayer dating simulator called Monster Prom is making its way to Steam starting April 27th.

As much as report on new visual novels and dating sims that can be played with just one hand, I think this is probably the first time that “dating sim” and “multiplayer” have appeared in a sentence together with “monster”.

Typically, dating sims featuring monsters appear specifically in the monster girl fetish category, but Beautiful Glitch is including monster boys in the smorgasbord of dating applicants for their upcoming game.

You can check out the official trailer for the game below.

The Spanish developers explained how they decided to approach Monster Prom by detailing in the press note…

“Monster Prom reflects our opinion that indie games sometimes fail to have a fresh, neat and modern narrative, similar to what you can expect from fine TV show […]


“Then there is the postmodern and “wrong” tone we’re trying to build. Videogames have some sort of double standard when it comes to what’s a taboo. Violence is a common theme that is widely embraced. But sex, drugs and other themes are rarely seen and often critized. We want to tackle all this in a light parodic way. We want to make a game that can be enjoyed the same way you watch an episode of your favorite TV show.”

Very, very interesting choice of words. The Beautiful Glitch developers calling out the wrongthink oftentimes castigated by the postmodernists (usually referred to as Cultural Marxists) could net them the ire of traditional gaming media.

It’s a bold move by an indie studio, especially during these dark times.

Monster Prom - Date Night

As for the game itself, Monster Prom plays out like a dating sim competition. You’ll have to find someone you want to go to the date with and woo them over with pleasantries or horrors, bloody good times, or frightful sacrifices to sate their desires.

The four-player competitive aspect really adds something different to the mix, which is something you don’t oftentimes see from a dating sim and visual novel, but your objective will be to win over a monster’s heart and eventually score a good time at the prom.

It’s interesting to see a game take such a different and irreverent approach while slapping a multiplayer component on top.

You can learn more about Monster Prom by paying a visit to the Steam store page.


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