Moss Gameplay Video Details Controls, Lore, And PSVR Interactivity

Polyarc Games’ Moss received a new gameplay video demonstration. The eight minute video was posted up over on PlayStation Access where they talk about the general objective of the game, and how the main character Quill is set about to a castle on the hill to rescue a loved one.

They also detail how you actually play the game. It’s crazy because for a long while we had no idea how you actually played Moss. You can use the left analog to move Quill around, and you can interact with the game world as an overseer using the right analog.

You can execute combat mechanics with Square, and you can heal Quill by picking the mouse up. You can see how it works in the video below.

The controls definitely seem like they’re a bit… complex.

They try to talk about how the multi-tasking in Moss can get a bit harrowing over on the PlayStation Blog. I can easily imagine wrecking your brain trying to get the basic coordination down of moving Quill with the left analog and controlling the overseer powers and cursor with the right analog.

They don’t mention if you can use the PlayStation Move controllers, but I do wonder if that would make the coordination aspect easier or harder?

The world itself is kind of a mellow dark-fantasy setup. The old gods have died and there’s an emptiness and loneliness about. Players will uncover more of the lore and history of the world known as Moss all while guiding Quill toward the tower.

There’s also a meta-layer to the game centered around a cathedral where players will read through the book of Moss, where apparently the things happening within the book – involving Quill’s story to go rescue a loved one from the tower – will begin to affect the cathedral’s library that you’re in. It’s a little bit like The Neverending Story.

Anyway, Moss is due out exclusively for the PlayStation VR. I can’t really see the game moving big units, but it’ll likely end up being one of those games people quietly add to their library over time.


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