Moss Gameplay Walkthrough
Moss Gameplay Walkthrough

Polyarc’s Moss is currently available for the PlayStation VR. The new game is a 3D platformer for VR headsets and designed to take advantage of the PlayStation 4 Pro. For gamers who have picked up a copy of Moss but need a bit of help in playing the game, there is a gameplay walkthrough available for the PS4 exclusive.

YouTuber Defaltz has a series of videos in a playlist for the game that you can check out below, covering the walkthrough of Moss.

The game starts with the player as the Reader in a giant Cathedral-style library. Players will need to open up the book and flip through the pages while the narrator explains the premise of Moss.

The narrator talks about how the animals in the Cinder Night nearly all lost their lives. The King was killed along with many others as the Arcane evil attempted to wipe out the inhabitants of the land.

A champion managed to lock the Arcane evil away behind a magical barrier, but the land was still under grave threat. This is where Quill comes in.

Players will help Quill by using the left analog stick to control the mouse.

The camera is controlled with the actual PSVR headset. Use the right analog stick to interact with objects within the environment.

You can run around the guided areas of the environment and climb up the platforms. You can also shimmy across ledges with the white moss on the edges.

Make your way around the designated pathway and toward the village gates.

Use the ledge to the far left to climb up the platforms and get up on the bridge to grab the scroll. Use the Reader’s orb to open the gate to allow Quill inside.

Proceed through to the next screen and use the orb to slow down the watermill. Have Quill climb into the open compartment on the wheel and get up to the platform on the tree ledge and then make your way across the balcony in front of the house. Go to the far edge and climb up the roof to get your hands on another scroll.

Climb up to the next ledge and then up the rock. Get across the rooftop and then slow down the watermill so Quill can run across the top and get the other side where the ledge is located to flip the lever to lower the bridge.

Head through the cabin where Quill’s uncle is located to cue a cutscene.

Once the cutscene finishes have Quill go upstairs to get the scroll and then head outside.

Follow the Starthing through the village to the east gate.

Open the gate and have Quill move into the next screen. Push the first block in so Quill can move past it, and then pull the second block back.

In the next area you’ll need to follow the Starthing position in the water and use the Reader’s orb to pull the blocks up from underneath the water.

Get to the other side and run into the next area. If you go up across the platforms there’s a scroll close to the foreground. Otherwise you can head into the next screen and hop on the raft to travel to the next area.

If Quill gets damaged, you can use the left and right triggers while holding the orb over Quill to restore her life.

Head through the abandoned fort, go up the steps at the back of the fort to run around and climb up on the platform. Head to the far rear of the fort and climb up the ledge and shimmy across. Cut the red vine in front of Quill and then climb up the platform and make your way across the area into the next sreen.

You’ll end up in an arena where you’ll need to battle the bugs. Use Square to attack them. If Quill gets injured use the two triggers to heal her.

Kill all of the bugs and then head into the next area to trigger a cinematic.

Once the cinematic ends you’ll need to go into the next area and then grab the mouse statue with the orb and set it back into the square opening. This will allow the door to open.

Proceed through the pantheon and climb up the ledge and go into the next room.

Hop across the ledges and use the orb to move the block out of the way so Quill can run past it and go up the steps to activate the switch. Move the mouse statue onto the pressure plate to open the door so Quill can go inside.

In the next room kill the bugs, activate the plate on the ground to pull a hidden staircase – use the orb to pull the case up to the steps on the right side and then run up the steps and hop across to go into the next room.

Move the block out of the way so Quill climb up the ledge – pull out the block so Quill can climb up and then activate the lever so the bug can come out. Use the orb to take control of the armored beetle and force the beetle onto the pressure plate to open the gate. Have Quill run through the gate to get to the next room.

Use the orb to take control of one of the beetles and place it ion the pressure plate. Head down the steps and hop across the platforms to get into the room below the alternating stone blocks and flip the lever inside to draw the bridge and then use the orb to take control of the second beetle and place it on the second pressure plate.

Proceed to head back across the alternating platforms and head up. After the first stone platform there’s a switch in a backroom. Flip it to open the gates – another beetle will come out. Kill the beetle and then move into the open gate to get to the next room. If you can’t get into the gate take the second beetle off the platform and then place it back on the platform to realign the stone blocks.

In the next room you’ll need to use the orb on the beetle to stand on the pressure plate and then have Quill run through the room to stand on the plate where the bug was located. Move the beetle to the plate where Quill used to be and then use the orb to rotate the platform around so Quill can climb up and get to the top.

Rotate the platform around so it aligns with the other upper level platform and then run across and head into the next room.

Hop across the platforms and then go into the next room.

Grab the pillar platform in the center of the room and raise it. Some armored beetles will appear. They can shoot projectiles. Kill the beetles and then raise the second platform to your right when Quill is standing on it to hop across the broken pillar and then hop across to the raised pillar on the left and then hop onto the platform.

In the next room have Quill climb up the rotating platform and then flip the lever.DO NOT

In the next room use the pressure plate to activate the stair case; use the orb to raise the stair case; go up the stair case and get up to the first relic. Hit it to and then kill the armored beetle. Rotate around to the second relic and hit it until it turns purple/pink. This will lower the platform.

You have to basically lower both platforms by alternating between activating the two relics until an orange doorway in the back of the room is revealed. Go through the door and a beetle bug will appear.

Move Quill back around to the platform to the right by lowering it as much as possible. You’ll then need to proceed to use the orb to take control of the beetle to fire on the relic on the left to raise the platform all the way up so that you can exit through the doorway with the light blue glowing light on the right side of the room.

In the next area simply make your way to the chest in the center of the map. Grab the item inside and then make your way back through the door from whence you came.

Exit through the door at the bottom of the room to the left and then make your way through the door door on the left back into the main chamber.

Light up both the torches beneath the statues with your new fire abilities.

Head back toward the giant door with the special lock on it. Activate both the torches by setting them aflame and then use the orb to unlatch the giant door in the center of the room.

In the next room, climb up the platform and have Quill step on the pressure plate. Use the orb to pull the highlighted chain all the way out until it activates the flame wall.

Proceed to kill the armored beetles.

Use the raised platform to get up top and kill the other armored beetle. Get across to the other side of the of the platform and step on the pressure plate once more. Use the orb to pull out the chain until you hear the gong. The platform will lower and more beetle bugs will come out. Kill the bugs until the platform is raised. Kill the armored beetle on the left side of the arena and then go step on the pressure plate again and then use the orb to pull out the chain until you hear a chime.

Proceed to kill all the armored beetles. Also, don’t hesitate to use the orb to help Quill out by grabbing the beetles and waylaying them from attacking.

Exit the fort and take the raft to the next level.

Make your way inland and climb up the platforms – you’ll need to lower the platform you want to jump to and raise the platform you’re standing on in order to hop to the next platform.


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