Moss Release Date For PlayStation VR Set For February 27th
Moss Release Date

The official release date for the VR adventure game, Moss, for the PlayStation VR HMD is set to release on February 27th. The game hasn’t been in the news all that often just up until recently, and then Polyarc shifted the promotional stick into the next gear.

The news was made available via the co-founder of the studio, Tam Armstrong, who made a short and sweet post over on the PlayStation Blog.

Armstrong explained that the project is about exploring new ways to make the PlayStation VR experience more “immersive” and “interactive” compared to other entries for the expensive piece of hardware, saying…

“[…] our aim at Polyarc has been to make the most of the immersive, interactive potential of VR to build new worlds and tell new stories. It’s been a great challenge creating Moss, but working with this technology and discovering the possibilities has been a deeply rewarding experience.”

Obviously it will be up to gamers to determine whether or not Moss is “immersive” and something they find entertaining in the realm of VR interactivity.

Nevertheless, the release date news was accompanied by a new launch trailer, showcasing the world of Moss and the protagonist, Quill.

The trailer explains that your role in the adventure is that of the “Reader”, a sort of ethereal overseer that can direct Quill and help with solving puzzles.

The game uses an ambidextrous control scheme, where the left analog stick and the Square button control Quill and performs attacks. The right analog stick controls the Reader’s cursor, so you can interact with the world and manipulate the environment. I know some of you are thinking “Well how the heck do you look around and change the camera?” Well, young Padawan, the camera is controlled by your actual head via the PlayStation VR headset.

We haven’t seen games take this kind of approach to control schemes in VR games, so it will be interesting to see how gamers adjust to the mechanics and how to move Quill around while at the same time attempting to interact with the environment and solve puzzles.

You can look for Moss to launch exclusively for the PlayStation VR starting next week on February 27th.


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