Motohiro Okubo Says That “More And More” Soul Calibur VI News Is Coming
Soul Calibu VI Ivy

Bandai Namco and Motohiro Okubo recently showed off the Queen that is Ivy, and the hooded man Zasalamel as playable characters from the Soul Calibur VI roster. Furthermore, Okubo has announced that “More and more” Soul Calibur VI news is coming and that fans should “Stay tuned.”

Before jumping into the news that comes from Soul Calibur VI producer Motohiro Okubo, there’s some bad news for those who enjoy playing Soul Calibur V Global Colosseum online mode. The mode will soon cease to exist, however other offline modes will still be intact.

The information detailing the closure of said mode comes in by SoulCalibur official Twitter account. You can read the announcement right here.

The reason behind the closure of Soul Calibur Global Colosseum online mode is due in part of the company pumping fans up for Soul Calibur VI. This means that you can get ready for more information and news on the upcoming fighting game.

On the topic of Soul Calibur VI news, eager fans waiting for something to look over have Producer Okubo’s tweet. The producer’s tweet is in response to a thank you post by Amy Lionheart:

“I wanted to personally give a shoutout to @achilles_Okubo for his hard work on @soulcalibur vi so far. After seeing the reveal trailers for Ivy & Zasalamel I was more than pleased w/ their performance. As a devout fan/competitive player of the series, I approve of what’s to come.”

Here’s Okubo’s response to the above:

Okubo usually delivers when he’s says that more news is coming, so stay alert if you want to read, hear or see something in regards to Soul Calibur VI.

Soul Calibur VI is set to release this year for PS4 and Xbox One. The fighting game will also sport a PC version that will be made available through Steam.


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