Netflix’s Lost In Space Trailer Can’t Escape Sociopolitical Controversy
Lost In Space

The original Lost in Space came out back in 1965, it followed the Robinson family and their journeys across the galaxy. The franchise was rebooted as a movie in 1998 starring William Hurt, Mimi Rogers, Gary Oldman and Matt LeBlanc. The reboot wasn’t well received but it also wasn’t mired ahead of release in sociopolitical debates like Netflix’s upcoming Lost In Space reboot.

The streaming network released a minute and a half trailer for the upcoming show and it features Canadian actress Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson doing a voiceover about how they have to adapt, evolve, and move on from war, disease, tragedy and destruction. The clip showcases each member of the crew, including Toby Stevens as John Robinson, Mina Sundwall as Penny Robinson, and Max Jenkins as Will Robinson. Then there’s the last member of the crew played by Taylor Russell… Judy Robinson, which made plenty of people perk up about the very obvious change in casting.

It’s not just Judy Robinson who has had a visual makeover from how she was presented in the previous entries in the series, there was also the change of Dr. Smith from a man into woman, with Parker Posey taking over the role. This obviously left some fans of the original show somewhat perturbed.

The majority of the tweets save for a few are mostly supportive of the reboot, but the comment section on YouTube isn’t anywhere near as filtered, giving people a far more honest look at how they really feel about the casting choices.

The comment threads go on and on. Some people are looking forward to the show, some have been stricken with nostalgia and simply want to see their childhood brought back to life with today’s technology, but others see Netflix for what it is and what they’re trying to do. One commenter even joked about the company adding in a gay robot to hit the representation quotas, while others called out Netflix for pushing a Leftist agenda.

Of course, the big question on a lot of minds was how does a black daughter fit into a family with two white parents?

The trailer doesn’t attempt to explain itself, and most people see leaps of logic like that as immersion breaking, which is where various commenters asked and received different answers from different people while others were simply taken out of the experience altogether.

Many commenters simply aren’t fond of what they see as a potential shoehorning in of more “Progressive” politics and feminism pushed by the Open Society. It’s something many Americans aren’t fond of and made it known in the comment section that this wasn’t okay with them.

That’s just a small taste of the comment section on the main YouTube channel. Netflix will likely start wiping, censoring and deleting plenty of them in order to maintain the appearance of their agenda being accepted by the wider audience.

The trouble is Netflix could be setting up to turn their audience against them, if they continue down this current path. It’s quite obvious that there’s a vocal segment of the market who is not okay with the current sociopolitical direction taken by Netflix.


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