Nightmarchers Trailer Unveils Shark Transformation Ability

Wyrmbyte is still trying to build up interest and intrigue in their upcoming sandbox, third-person shooter, Nightmarchers. The game is basically being called Assassin’s Creed meets Far Cry. In a previous generation this probably would have been considered a great compliment, but these days both franchises have been oversaturated on the market so much that both generate a lot of middling “meh” respones from the general gaming public.

Nevertheless, Wyrmbyte released a new promo trailer for Nightmarchers that centers around the game’s ability to transform into a shark. The video is part of the Meet the Akua series, which focuses on the different attributes and abilities inherent to the gods that will be helping the main character in his fight to free Hawaii from the interlopers.

This particular video focuses on Kamohaoli’i, who has returned to Hawaii to protect the island from the intruders. If you can manage to rebuild his temple he’ll grant you the ability to transform into a shark.

This particular ability will enable you to swim deeper into the ocean and for longer amounts of time. This will work well for getting into bases or locations where you can approach from the water without being seen.

The video rounds out with the main character shooting some sort of laser weapon at the baddies before fading to black.

Now, I’m going to go ahead and say it: Kamohoali’i looks like an anorexic version of the Street Sharks.

Nevertheless, if you like the premise of the game and you’re curious to see or play more, you can visit the Fig page for more details.

As of this writing the game has only five days left on its crowdfunding campaign, but it’s only 41% complete. So unless they get a massive amount of funding in a short amount of time, it doesn’t seem likely that Nightmarchers will meet its goal.


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