Omega Pattern Kickstarter Seeks Funds To Finish The Saga
Omega Pattern

A new visual novel was announced by David Ridao Sanchez called Omega Pattern. The game is about reshaping the past of the main protagonist while honing his psychic abilities throughout the story.

The developers, Borokai Studio, have been working hard to finish up the remaining parts of the visual novel. The original part was released to wide acclaim, mostly due to the fact that as players take on the role of the protagonist Shaiel, they have multiple choices in how they develop his backstory and his destiny.

The game centers around the shadow organization Bioagora who works as the Illuminati, controlling the world and the people therein. They use Agents who have special psycho-kinetic abilities to work for the organization. Shaiel has similar abilities, known as the Pattern, and Bioagora wants to take control of him. Shaiel ends up in the company of a rebel organization known as the Celtas, who attempt to fight back against the Agents.

The latest Kickstarter video gives you a brief look at the artwork and a barely-there synopsis of the story.

The developers at Borokai Studio are looking to gather up $40,000 in order to finish the saga and complete the remaining entries in the Omega Pattern. The first episode has been released and is available for $4.99. Various outlets have praised the visual novel for its unique take on giving gamers choices in how the main character and his story unfolds.

There are three main story routes, each with different outcomes based on the choices you make. Omega Pattern features more than six hours worth of material in the first part of the series alone.

The Kickstarter is to help expand the game into more than 40 hours long and finalize the last part of the saga.

A majority of the funding – 35% in fact – will be used to improve and add more art assets for the story. Another 30% will be used for the writing and translation. The remaining funds will be for programming, music and the rewards.

The game will also be rated R18+ for containing some erotic and softcore sexual content, but they state that it will not be explicit.

They plan on finishing up and releasing the full version of Omega Pattern by 2020. You can learn more by visiting the Kickstarter page or checking out the first part of the visual novel over on the page.


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