Onrush Trailer Reveals Gameplay From Former Motorstorm Devs’ Upcoming Racer
Onrush Release Date

Codemasters released a new trailer for Onrush, the action-oriented 3D racing game due out for PS4 and Xbox One starting June 5th, 2018 later this year. The trailer features a cavalcade of chaos and vehicular carnage created by combat-oriented racing.

The trailer is a non-stop festival of frenetic and fast-paced antics involving motorcycles, dune buggies and jeeps jumping over each other, crushing it other, shunting, bumping and crashing all the way toward the finish line. It’s a lot like the game Nail’d if it had a baby with Bizarre Creations’ Blur. You can see what the gameplay is like in the trailer below.

I think in a way this is possibly aiming to be the Motorstorm of this generation, especially given that we likely won’t be getting any new Motorstorm games anytime soon.

In its place, however, Codemasters appears to be betting on the appeal of Onrush’s high-octane combat and carnage to take the place of Evolution Studios’ PS3 franchise. I suppose one shouldn’t be too surprised given that the Codemasters’ Cheshire team in the U.K., used to be Evolution Studios. So this is just them picking up where they last left off… only this time Xbox One gamers will be able to take part in the fun instead of it being exclusive to a PlayStation platform.


One of the big elements of Onrush is being able to completely wreck your opponents; and wrecks are just a black texture overlaying the mesh with some glowing yellow emitters to indicate that a fire is present. What we see instead is a heck of a lot of twisted metal. Wheels pop off, frames get bent, and vehicles move to the back of the pack in a startling heap of crushed hopes and smashed cockpits.

There are eight vehicle classes in the game, each with their own unique abilities. As players bump and shunt their way through the race, they’ll build up a meter in order to unleash boost powers to reach the finish line in spectacular and destruction fashion.


Given the dearth of creativity and innovation in the racing genre these past years when it comes to PS4 and Xbox One releases, I’m sure Onrush will be welcomed with open arms from console gamers. You can look for th etitle to go live this June. For more info you can visit the official Onrush website.


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