The Outsider Trailer Sees Jared Leto Becoming A Yakuza
The Outsider - Jared Leto

Netflix may be knee-deep in the sock-just juice, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t sometimes have interesting new content that pops up every once in a while. One of those interesting new projects looks to be free of pandering toward the Intersectional Inquisition, and instead it focuses on showing a badass American adopting Yakuza traditions and becoming a badass American gangster in Japan.

For everyone tired of the recent push to have multicultural sociopolitics at the forefront of media, you’ll be glad to know that The Outsider focuses more on getting back to the roots of telling a masculine story about an American soldier who was imprisoned in post-war Japan, but ends up staying to become and adopt the ways of the Yakuza as a means of repayment for earning his freedom. You can check out the trailer below.

This is one of those slow burn-looking features where it starts off methodical and paced and ends up going through the ramping up phase to introduce viewers to unbridled amounts of sex, violence, stabbings and gun wounds.

Majority of the people are excited about the project and it has some good upvotes on the YouTube page.

Comments are also predictably positive toward The Outsider given that it’s a well put together trailer that doesn’t give anything away, has excellent cinematography and great use of scene lighting and contrasting the dark attire and dreary atmosphere with the poker faces of the well-illuminated cast.

Of course, there are a few comments from the typically perturbed pundits for the culturally offended, leaving remarks in the comment section to spark controversy.

Obviously he was shouted down for being an “insecure” little man by people who simply wanted to enjoy the trailer and are looking forward to Leto’s outing as a leading man in a Japanese-themed Yakuza tale.

Director Martin Zandvliet could have a slick worthwhile picture on his hands when it releases on Netflix starting March 9th.


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