Past Cure Gameplay Walkthrough
Past Cure Gameplay Walkthrough

Phantom 8 Studios’ third-person, sci-fi, psychological thriller, Past Cure, is now available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The game is being made by the German-based studio who is composed of just eight members. They’ve been toiling away at it for years, and for gamers who picked up a copy of the game and have been seeking out a gameplay walkthrough of Past Cure to help out with a few of the segments, there’s a walkthrough guide ripe and ready here for your viewing pleasure.

YouTuber PlayGames posted up the six part gameplay walkthrough for Past Cure, which you can check out below.

Once you get done setting up the options you can then start a new game.

The game starts with Ian, the main character in a dreamlike sequence. The first thing you do is get up from a chair and walk into a room to grab a gun from a pile of mannequins.

Hold down the left trigger to draw your weapon and press the right trigger to fire.

Kill the nightmare demons with the gun and make your way into the hall. The doors will flash red and a demon will pop out. Kill it until the door opens and directs you into a room where you’ll have to kill some white naked dudes.

All it takes is one shot. Shoot them with the kind of dedication of an AR-15 owner with mental health issues taking a trip through their former high school.

Try to conserve your ammo and follow the pathways that open up for you after killing the white naked dudes.

The nightmare sequence will basically put you in an arena-style situation where you’ll have to kill all of the baddies in order to trigger another cinematic.

Past Cure - Ian's Nightmare

In the next sequence simply follow the yellow footsteps on the ground. It’s similar to the bloody footprints in the Max Payne nightmare sequences.

Follow the footsteps until the silhouette of the woman appears and you have to run to her.

When Ian wakes up you’ll have to go downstairs to get a drink.

The drink is on the kitchen table.

Past Cure - Take The blue Pills

Ian will start hallucinating and will need to get his medication. Head back upstairs and go through the bathroom door – use Triangle on the DualShock or ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller to open the door. Open the medicine cabinet grab the pills and use the Blue Pill by pressing the digital pad.

After another cinematic, head back into the beach house, go downstairs and into the room with the map and sound system. Take the keys on the table.

You can also practice your melee skills.

Circle is to punch, on the Xbox controller it’s ‘B’. If you tap the punch button multiple times it’ll perform a combo.

Tap Square on the DualShock or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller at the end of a combo to perform a killing blow.

Press Triangle on the DualShock or ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller during melee combat to counter-attack, just like in Uncharted 3.

Go into the boxing ring in the workout room and you can perform a couple of Ian’s moves against a hologram.

At the end of the hall is a room with a dream journal inside. Activate it to listen to some narrative commentary and then proceed into the shooting gallery to hone your shooting skills.

Once you get done shooting the targets on the range you’ll need to head back upstairs to go to sleep.

Another cinematic will play where Ian will go pick up an origami bird that will tell him to go to sleep. If you choose to sleep you’ll unlock a trophy and another cinematic.

During the next nightmare sequence, Ian will wake up in a room with a figure, a chessboard and a missing king piece. Go over to the picture on the wall featuring the family.

Ian will break the wall within his mind to create an escape.

You’ll find the king on a table at the end of the hall.

Take the king back to the table.

Another cinematic will play and then finall y you’ll be able to make use of Ian’s Astral Projection abilities.

Past Cure - A Chess Game

Use the right bumper to astral project from Ian’s body and use the left analog stick to fly around.

Use the right bumper to astral project and press ‘X’ on the PS4 controller or ‘A’ on the Xbox controller to activate the switch it in order to open the door to the next part of the maze.

Use the astral projection to try to get close to the switch to open the first bridge across the series of platforms. Once you’re at the second platform use the astral projection to flip the next switch.

When you get to the second platform you’ll need to open the bridge so you can get to the third platform that has the blue pills on a pedestal.

Activate the red, green, yellow, and red switches to activate the bridge and get the blue pill medication. Press down on the digital pad to use the medication.

There’s another room with more switches. Simply astral project and flip the blue and green switches first. This will open up a bridge to the next platform.

Astral project inside of the spinning geometrical tunnels to flip the last two remaining switches.

A face will appear in a sphere and lead Ian through a crumbling maze. You’ll need to get to the end of the first section of the maze and then astral project to go inside of the geometric prism to flip the switch.

Head around to the other side of the maze until you can get close enough to the other geometric prism tunnel and activate the other switches.

Once you flip all the switches make your way through the maze toward the end of the tunnel to exit the room to end back up at the chess board.

After a brief cinematic you’ll head into the next puzzle challenge, which involves time manipulation. Simply hold down the left bumper to repair the bridge and run across.

Get across each of the bridge platforms until you reach the next room.

Press in the right analog to crouch and then use the left bumper to slow down time and walk past the white man when his back is turned.

Head to the next structure to crouch behind, and then wait for your time manipulation to recharge and walk past him to exit the room.

In the next segment you’ll need to use your slow down time manipulation to slow down the red colored blocks so you can shoot them out of the air.

Keep shooting the blocks out of the air until the floating blocks fall and the bridge is restored.

In the next room you’ll have to kill some more of the white mannequin men. You have unlimited ammo, so kill them up good.

Past Cure - Moonlight Sonata

In the next segment, you’ll need to first clear out the mannequin men and then get close enough to the geometric tunnels so you can use your astral projection to fly inside and flip the switches so you can finally exit the room.

Head into the next room to trigger a cinematic and finally end the nightmare.

You’ll need to go get your equipment. Head downstairs into the gun room and pick up the gun on the table to start the mission.

Ian will make his way to the parking garage of Crowley Arms.

Go to the security door and attempt to open it but it won’t open. Go into the opposite direction in the door behind you and enter the room. Take the screwdriver from the tool box in the left hand corner of the room. There’s also some adrenaline in the emergency cabinet by the ventilation shaft.

Use the screwdriver to open the shaft and press in the right analog to crawl through the shafts.

You’ll have to disable the cameras once you get out of the shaft. Use the right bumper to astral project, get close to the camera and then press ‘X’ on the DualShock or ‘A’ on the Xbox controller to disable the camera.

Wait for the security guard to turn his back to you and then go up behind him and press Square on the DualShock or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller to take him down stealthily.

Another guard will patrol the halls. You’ll need to sneak up behind him and press Triangle on the DualShock or ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller to steal the key from him and then head through the locked door and make your way through the parking lot.

When you get into the parking lot, you can take out each of the guards using stealth, just like Agent 47 in Hitman.

Use your astral projection to take out the camera and then make your way into the next segment of the parking garage.

You can either John Wick your way through the guards or continue to move stealthily. The choice is yours. There’s another camera you need to take out as well using astral projection or by shooting it.

At the end of the garage there’s a medical kit, in case you need it. It’s by the exit door.

Head into the next room and there’s another camera along with a couple of guards patrolling around. You can use your astral projection to take out the camera but the guards will likely notice. You can wait for them to stop investigating and go back to their routine before taking them out.

Make your way into the nest room of the parking lot – there are two more cameras and several more guards.
You’ll eventually enter into a room where there’s another ventilation shaft. Go inside and follow the tunnel to the end, which will lead you to the stairwell in A3.

Head up the stairs to B3 and take the UZI and the ammo on the crates.

In the next room the guards will be alerted and you’ll have to engage in a PS2-quality shootout.

You can use the left bumper to slow down time and use precision aiming to nab a few headshots. If you need to quickly get across to the different cover, don’t forget to sprint.

Make your way through the garage and into the next areas and take out the guards. You can conserve some ammo by using melee attacks on the unarmed guards and then using headshots to pick off the rest.

At the end of the B3 garage there’s a vent. Go inside to get to the otherside and make your way up the stairs to C2.

Don’t forget to tap up on the digital pad to heal yourself if you’ve lost a bit of life.

The final garage segment will be a semi boss fight against several armed guards sent down to kill you.

Here, you won’t have a choice but to use your John Wick skills. Remember, don’t be afraid to sprint to cover to avoid getting shot.

If your abilities get too low, use your blue pills to replenish your telekinesis.

Once you take out all the guards in the garage make your way to the elevator to trigger the cinematic.

You’ll then have go through a series of stealth segments to make your way through the rooms in the building.

If you get spotted the mission will fail, so stay silent.


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