Protocol Trailer Takes A Page Out Of Duke Nukem 3D
Protocol - Toilet

Fair Game Studios’ latest trailer for their upcoming mystery sci-fi game, Protocol, hearkens back to the old days of gaming where the heroes would make crude quips, urinate into toilet bowls, and provide useful commentary about his current predicament with all the grace and finesse of a standup comedian from the 1970s.

It’s a bit of a shock and also equally refreshing to watch a trailer that isn’t trying to take itself oh-so-seriously or fit into the neatly dotted lines of today’s overtly politically correct society.

The general gist of the story is outlined rather quickly, but we also get to see a few other aspects of the gameplay, such as some of the miscellaneous things you can do within the environment, such as pee on the ground while your tiny naughty-nozzle is blurred out in the middle of the screen. You can also throw snowballs, and generally mess around like in most other VR games. You can check out the trailer below.

There isn’t too much new to discuss about the Protocol other than that you’re sent to a remote facility to follow the protocol and establish contact with an extraterrestrial species. You’ll have to follow the protocol to a tee to avoid sudden and unavoidable disaster.

Like many other VR titles out there, the game is played through the first-person view and allows you to pick things up, interact with certain objects within your immediate surroundings, and goof off where necessary.

The trailer definitely gives off an old 1990s FPS vibe as far as the tone of the character depiction and actions are concerned. In the old games you could do things like take a piss at any of the nearby toilets. In games like Duke Nukem 3D it would restore a little bit of health while Duke would quip about that being nice. The fourth wall-breaking humor in the old games were part of their charm.

I don’t know if Protocol will be able to maintain a certain level of self-awareness while also maintaining engagement with its story. I suppose we’ll find out when Fair Games Studio launches the title this May on Steam for HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.

You can keep track of the development of Protocol by hitting up the game’s Steam store page.


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