Quantic Dream’s Alleged Troubles With Toxicity Has Paris Contemplating Cutting Public Funding
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Public funding for video game studios in Paris, France could get hit hard due to the reported allegations of sexism and racism taking place at Quantic Dream. The Intersectional Inquisition took aim at Quantic Dream and haven’t yet let go, burdening the studio with having to fight off claims of cultivating a “toxic” work culture. This ended up catching the attention of the Council of Paris, who is now investigating which studios could be eligible for receiving public funding, and contemplating cutting public funding for studios that are “toxic”.

PC Games Insider is reporting that the Council reached this conclusion following news in most Social Justice-themed outlets castigating Quantic Dream for perpetuating toxicity in its development environment. In the French document from Danielle Simonnet, a member of the Council of Paris, she details the charges against Quantic Dream, and also makes suggestions on how to remedy them…

“[…] Considering that, according to recent revelations from surveys conducted jointly by Médiapart, Le Monde and Duck PC, the head of the IT department has come to seize the Prud’hommes, against a practice that could be described as harassment within this undertaking, through very large numbers of sexist, homophobic photo-montages, racists and anti-Semites,


”Considering that the termination procedures at Quantic Dream are extremelyquestionable, contrary to labor law, and that all the elements reported by the press seem to testify to a corporate culture that can not be more toxic, […]


[…] the city finally undertakes a reflection to make binding the aid granted to reimbursement clause in the event of non-compliance with these clauses and the law,”

The document also goes on to say that Quantic Dream was accused of overworking their employees, utilizing “crunch times” that were against the labor laws, and maintaining a “toxic” environment that the French government needs to step in and cut funding or launch a full investigation into Quantic Dream.

The document from Simonent repeatedly states that the Council’s decisions are based on the media reports from the Intersectional Inquisition, and we all know how trustworthy the media can be.

This all originally kicked off after Social Justice Activists came after Quantic Dream for what they claimed to be the glorification of child abuse in Detroit: Become Human.

Later on the media levied accusations of sexism and racism at Quantic Dream’s founder, David Cage.

A rep for Quantic Dream told PC Games Insider that the studio does not receive public funding from the Parisian aid department, but they wouldn’t comment further about the situation.

According to GamesIndustry.biz, they’re reporting that Cage feels this is a smear campaign against him and his company, where a company statement explained…

“We categorically refute the allegations against the studio, its employees, its leaders. We hope that these unfounded attacks and the propagation of completely erroneous information resulting from it will cease in order to protect our employees.”


“Several other legal actions are also underway to defend the reputation of our studio and to save the jobs of a French SME in the forefront in its field. We are confident in justice and hope that it can be decided quickly, in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.”

Gamers in the West feel this is karma for Quantic Dream attempting to appease the Intersectional Inquisition.

Even after the studio capitulated to those circles by attempting to add minority leads, strong female characters, and what some people have claimed to be the promotion of Black Lives Matter in the upcoming Detroit: Become Human, Cage and the crew were still thrown under the bus by the Social Justice media circles.

At this point, maybe for Cage’s next game – assuming the studio survives the bad press and whatever sales they glean from Detroit: Become Human – he’ll attempt to focus on the core audience who isn’t wrapped up in identity politics, and perhaps they’ll avoid bedding the Leftist media’s obsession with sociopolitical pandering.


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