Randy Pitchford Is Happy About New Brothers In Arms Progress

Brothers in Arms games are best known for their single-player stories and squad commands. Recently, though, Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox Software, touched on the progress of the fourth iteration to the series of Brothers in Arms games, and said that he’s “happy with how it’s going.”

The series that is set during the second world war, Brothers in Arms, started back in 2005, which makes it 13 years old. A sequel came out in late 2005, and in 2008 a third game called Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway was released for seventh gen consoles.

Granted that other Brothers in Arms games launched between 2008 and now were primarily iOS and Android titles. The actual continuation of the series is currently in a very early stage, but the stage that it is in seems to have Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford “pretty happy”.

The following information about the new Brothers in Arms game comes in by a Twitter user by the name of Jamesbradshaw, who happens to be curious about any update about it. You can read Pitchford’s response below.

According to the tweet, the new Brothers in Arms game can flaunt some sort of playable segments through “awesome content” and “gameplay,” however it’s not in a state that can be shown just yet.

Pitchford claims the story is the thing the team has to “nail” at the moment and then gamers and fans alike might be able to see something from then on out, which includes an announcement.

While fans are excited about Gearbox Software pumping out Borderlands 3, it seems that fans will have another game by the team in the form of Brothers In Arms. Sadly, no information about both Borderlands 3 or the new Brothers in Arms release date have surfaced yet.

With all of that said, which of the two games would you like to see Gearbox Software bring out for public consumption? Borderlands 3 or the new Brothers in Arms?


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