Ready Player One Is Attempting To Cash In On Casual Gamers Come March 29th
Ready Player One

A bunch of people who don’t play video games or probably watched commercials for video games back in the 1990s and early 2000s are excited about the casual cash-in from Steven Spielberg called Ready Player One.

The news has been circulating that the movie based on video games is due for release on March 29th.

The release date was accompanied by an all new poster featuring a bunch of the characters and 1980s-themed nostalgia, despite the fact that the film is supposed to be set in the far future.

Ready Player One - Poster

The poster features the classic Big Foot monster truck, from the 1980s. The DeLorean from Back to the Future… which is also from the 1980s. There’s a Gundam next to the Iron Giant, the former of which also gained a lot popularity in the late 1970s and 1980s. And there’s an obvious reference to Tron given the grid outlines.

The poster makes it a mission to squeeze as much diversity onto the poster as well, ensuring that Hollywood’s agenda isn’t left out of the typical over-promotion of this big-budget turd in the making.

The film isn’t a film made to celebrate gamers, it’s a film made to cash in on people who are passing gamers who may have heard of or played a free weekend of Overwatch, or mistakenly remembered the waifu-bait as part of a smorgasbord of their jack-off material. It’s for people who know that that muscular green mutant is oftentimes attached to a series that had a movie that starred Jean-Claude Van Damme as an all-American hero who could barely speak English. It’s a movie for the dude-bros who party over the weekend while Call of Duty plays on the big screen in background. It’s a movie for the fake gamer girls, the hipster gamer reviewers who only just got into gaming with Dark Souls; it’s for those streamers who make money on the industry while having zero knowledge about its history, or the agitprop charlatans who attempt to erase that history with falsehoods and hot air filled with sour nothings and defamatory wishes. It’s a film for those know-nothing journalists who don’t mind filling the news waves with lies in order to cover up for their own gross misdealings.

I’m sure a bunch of people who feel like they’re part of the gaming industry just to get virtue signal cred will have a good time watching this kind of Hollywood propaganda, but there’s not going to be anything there for the real gamers, the true gamers.

It’s best to spend that time at home, finishing up your back catalog and dreading over the potential mischaractization of Kratos in Daddy of War soft-reboot when Ready Player One rolls around and hits theaters on March 29th.


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