Report Says That Some Gamers Feel That Microtransactions Can Help Developers

Remember the company Qutee that did the report on “Gaming Today”? Following up on that same report comes a bit more in-depth look on what gamers supposedly think about cosmetic microtransactions, pay to win MTX and how some people feel that MTX can “help developers”.

If you don’t remember we did a piece on Qutee’s “Gaming in 2018” report not too long ago, however there was more to the report than what gamers thought of innovation and AAA publishers. The report by Qutee polled gamers on how they felt about microtransactions, and some feel that they can help developers.

It should be disclosed that, according to data gathered by Qutee, the information was gathered by 1,862 comments and 10,457 poll votes on 458 discussion topics in order to convey the following numbers:

  • 68.6% respondents (896 votes) said that “cosmetic only is ok”
  • 22% of respondents (287 votes) said that they “dislike pay to win”
  • 5.8% of respondents (76 votes) said that “I don’t purchase them”
  • 2.4% of respondents (31 votes) said that “I’d rather pay upfront”
  • 1.3% of respondent (17 votes) said “I’m a fan”

The report noted that the concept of MTX is not “fundamentally flawed” and that most concerns stem from how microtransactions are implemented in a video game.

Furthermore, the report touched on quotes from Qutee about how some people praise MTX models saying that they grant the ability to “support” developers and that cosmetic microtransactions are essentially just another way for players to “entertain themselves”. You can read the quotes below:

“From a purely cosmetic standpoint, with things like character and weapon skins, microtransactions do no more than help a person entertain themselves”.

Another quote from a supposed gamer said that…

“Some people like to buy these to just support developers of their favorite game. I have definitely spent money on these to support game developers of games I enjoy.”

On the contrary side of all of this, the report highlighted that analysts expect microtransactions to be “less aggressive” in future games, although given recent financial reports that Activsion Blizzard and EA disclosed suggest otherwise.

GameRant concluded the report by saying Qutee’s data only brushed the broader idea of microtransactions and that it did not specifically ask about loot-boxes, noting that the two are different.

In addition to the above, do you think the position of the publication site on whether there is a difference between loot-boxes and microtransactions is right or wrong? And do you follow the narrative of MTX models can help support developers?

You can read the full report and shape your own thoughts of the situation by visiting


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