Secret Of Mana PS4 Gameplay Walkthrough
Secret of Mana PS4 Walkthrough

Square Enix’s remake of Secret of Mana is currently available right now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita gamers. You can pick up a copy of the game right now if you haven’t already. For those of you looking for a little bit of help with the remake, there’s also a Secret of Mana gameplay walkthrough available for the PS4 version of the game.

YouTuber XCageGame has a playlist for Secret of Mana that you can check out below.

After a short intro cinematic explaining the use of mana in the world and the mana sword, there’s a transition into the actual game, where players will take on the role of the main character, Randi, who can then be named to something else if you want.

After he falls into the water simply run around the pathway until you reach the sword in the water. Take the sword and head back to the bushes and cut them down to make a pathway inland so you can get back to the village. Kill the Rabite and take the candy from the treasure chest.

Continue to follow the pathway through the forest, killing the monsters along the way.

Keep heading west through the forest and across the small bridge in the next screen. Head down and make your way into the village.

You can attack using ‘X’
Circle is to dash
Triangle is to use an ally’s ring
Square is to use your own personal ring.

When you attack, you’ll see a gauge at the bottom of the screen counting up to 100%. If you attempt to attack before the gauge reaches 100%, you won’t do full damage with your attacks.

If you open the options menu you can also change the voices from English to Japanese, if you prefer subs over dubs. You can also use the analog stick to cycle through the stats screens, the item screen, and the weapon selection screen.

Secret of Mana PS4 Walkthrough - Village

Go talk to the fat little boy and the old man to trigger another cinematic.

This will lead into a boss fight against a giant monster mantis. The boss isn’t really a pushover. If you aren’t careful he will roast your behind and turn you into his beyotch.

Use your dash to run around from behind and stab him up his bumhole. Rinse and repeat until he dies.

The knight Gemma will tell Randi to go to the Water Palace to meet with the sage.

Go into the Elder’s house to trigger another cinematic. Take the treasure chest from the basement and then exit Potos Village from the south.

You can take the cannon to the Water Palace using the cannon travel system just to the right of exiting the village. Alternatively you can walk to the Water Palace by taking the pathway and heading west-northwest.

Proceed further north and you’ll encounter Gemma at the Water Palace.

Use the buttons on the floor to activate the bridge and go talk to Luka.

Secret of Mana PS4 Remake - Luka

Luka will give you the task of finding more mana orbs in order to power up the Mana Sword, as well as taking down the Mana Fortress.

Talk to Luka a couple of more times until she finally moves her fat behind from the steps. Go take the sword up to the mana seed.

You’ll also gain the spear and the option to save the game.

Luka will also give you your next quest: go to Gaia’s Navel.

You’ll have to travel south through Pandora to get there.

It might be wise to switch to the spear to get some range on your attacks against enemies. Remember that the more you use a weapon the more it will level up.

You’ll find an item shop just south and west of the Water Palace. You can buy items from the shopkeeper Neko.

Once you get done buying stuff from the shop, head back into the world map and move back the way you came until you reach the sign posts. You’ll want to travel south and keep heading around the forest south until you reach Pandora.

The NPCs won’t talk to you in the town.

Head around the town toward the right and go north and there’s a guard who will inform you that it’s the entrance to Pandora’s castle. Go inside.

Go around the halls until you encounter a short cinematic involving Primm. Go inside the room she comes out of and talk to Elman.

Exit the room once you talk to Elman and head into the double doors.

Talk to Gemma.

Once you get done talking to Gemma and the King of Pandora, exit the castle.

Exit the town from the left side of the screen.

Kill the monsters and follow the map while traveling north.

Follow the pathway around the plateau and kill the giant Buzz Bees along the way.

Head all the way around the waterfall and there are some steps on the opposite side of the plateau. Head down.

Keep moving around the plateau and take the stairs down until you reach the bottom of the waterfall. There’s a doorway behind the waterfall. Make your way inside and kill the monsters in your path.

Be careful to avoid getting hit by the blobs since they’re poisonous.

Make your way around the cave and into the room where there’s a skull switch. You’ll have to press the switch to lower the platform and cut off the lava so you can access the room at the bottom of the screen. There’s a hidden pathway below the lava.

Travel to the left and go up into the room; inside the room with the two guards there’s a treasure chest you’ll find with a magic rope inside, which is what you’ll need to progress through the rest of the game.

Exit the room and then travel south and make your way around the cave until you reach a room on the right and you’ll find a skull on the wall. Press the skull to lower a doorway to Dwarf Village.

Exit the room and you can now enter into the Dwarf Village through the opening.

Go talk to the blacksmith Watts and he’ll fix the Mana Sword for you and also forge a new axe for you.

Exit the room and go into the room where you’ll have to pay 50GP to view the entertainment show.

You’ll meet Popoi and pay 100GP. Exit the room and go into the next room to find out that Popoi scammed you. You’ll get your 100GP back.

Exit the Dwarf Village to fight the boss. You can only attack the main body when the it opens up. Attack the tentacle vines while you wait for it to pop up.

Once you defeat the boss Popoi will join the team. You can take Popoi to the Water Palace to meet Luka to get its memories back. Talk to the Dwarf elder and he’ll inform you to talk to Watts, who will give you an axe for 100GP. Watts will break open a path for you that will lead you directly back to the top of the surface and through the waterfall.

Before you go back to the Water Palace you’ll have to defeat Elinee through the Haunted Forest.

Secret of Mana PS4 Remake - Popoi 2

To reach the forest there’s a pathway just left of the waterfall that will lead you up into another screen where you’ll able to enter a portal that will take you to the Haunted Forest.

Dodge the archers and cut your way through the forest.

You’ll meet up with Primm who is being attacked by some werewolves.

Primm will join your party. You can swap her weapon by opening up the menu and moving over to the weapon wheel where you can select who uses what. Primm will come with spiked knuckles, but the spear might be a better option.

Follow the pathway around until you reach the teleporter.

If either character dies you’ll need to use the Cup of Wishes to bring them back.

As you make your way through the forest you’ll need to use the axe to cut through the statues blocking the path.

Follow the pathway around the forest until you reach the portal that will take you to the castle. Move around to the right side of the castle and follow the pathway until you get to the front doors.

Follow the pathway through the castle and there’s a switch past the rooms with the flying chairs that will open the gate. Go through the gate and follow the pathway into the dungeon and it will lead you to the soldiers in the jail.

Talk to the soldiers and they’ll inform you that all three of you will need to stand on switch to activate the bridge. Exit the jail and have all three characters stand on the purple switch to activate the bridge.

Follow the pathway through the next room until you reach the next switch. Press the switch to open the next segment and move through the hall to get to the next corridor. Kill the chairs and move into the next room to talk to Elinee.

You’ll need to fight the Spiky Tiger.

The boss isn’t easy. You’ll need to attack it from behind after it lands from doing a double jump.

It will also roll around really fast; the objective is to stay completely clear of it when it starts rolling.

Additionally, it can only be harmed when it’s on the left or right pillar by using the bow and arrow or boomerang.

Elinee will turn good and give you some treasure.

Exit the castle and make your way back through the Haunted Forest – you can use the magic rope to quickly get across the platform just outside Elinee’s castle and it will take you directly to the Water Palace.

Go talk to Luka. Save your game and take on the quest to head east to find Undine.

Just outside the palace there’s a pathway to the right that will open up. Head through to the next screen and kill the monsters in your path. There’s an entrance to a cave behind the waterfall.

Fight the lizard monster.

A door will open up once it’s defeated and it will lead to Undine.

Go back and talk to Luka.

She’ll inform you to use Undine’s power to freeze the magma in the underground palace.

You can reach the underground palace by going back into the Dwarf Village through the waterfall.

You can talk to Watts to reforge any of your weapons.

Head down the ramp and through the area where you fought the flower boss. There’s a cave opening in the center of the area.

Once you head through the door there will be an orb there. Switch over to Popoi and use its ice magic abilities on the orb to freeze the magma. Head across the platform and into the underground palace.


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