Seven Deadly Sins: Knights Of Britannia Gameplay Walkthrough
Seven Deadly Sins Knights of Britannia Gameplay Walkthrough

Bandai Namco’s The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia is currently available right now for the PlayStation 4. You can grab a copy of the sandbox-style beat-’em-up right now. For gamers interested in the gameplay or those of you who need a little help with story missions, there’s a complete Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia gameplay walkthrough available.

YouTuber Shirrako put together a comprehensive video playlist featuring the story mode for the game, which you can check out below.

When you start a new game you can choose to either do a duel in the versus mode or start the adventure mode.

The Adventure Mode is the story mode, and starts with Elizabeth inside a tavern talking to Meliodas and the pig Hawk, explaining that her kingdom is in peril from the Holy Knights and that the only way to save the kingdom is for the Seven Deadly Sins to stop the Holy Knights.

The game doesn’t waste any time getting into the action. You’ll start by fighting off the knights who have come to take back Princess Elizabeth, using Meliodas to administer the hurting on the knights. The first thing is first: mastering the controls.

Seven Deadly Sins Knights of Britannia Controls

How To Play Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia

As depicted in the image above, the controls are as follows:

  • Triangle: Strong Attack / Heavy Magic Attack
  • Square: Weak Attack / Weak Magic Attack
  • Circle: Shoot Projectile / Shoot Magic
  • X is to jump
  • R2 performs a special move
  • L1 both guards and resets the camera
  • R1 + Left Analog performs a sidestep
  • R1 + Square performs Magic Attack 1
  • R1 + Triangle performs Magic Attack 2
  • R1 + Circle performs Magic Attack 3
  • Square + X performs a Super Jump
  • R1 + X performs a Mirage Step

The controls aren’t too difficult to get down, and if you’ve played any of the Naruto Shippuden games you should be right at home with how Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia performs.

You can only use the R2 special after your gauge fills up. Using magic consumes your MP; using the Mirage Step also consumes MP. You can, however, perform a Mirage Step counter attack by pressing L1 to guard at the exact moment of an attack, and it will not consume any MP. Successful counters are hard to pull off, though.

Double tapping ‘X’ will allow you to dash forward quickly; you can also perform attacks by dashing.

After a short interlude, Twigo will confront Princess Elizabeth and Meliodas. The firt bwteen Meliodas and Twigo won’t be an easy one.

Don’t forget to block his attacks. When you see Twigo leap into the air or unsheathe his sword he’ll prep for an attack. At that point, you’ll want to tap L1 to block and then launch your own counter combo.

Once you master the counter game you should be able to defeat him rather easily.

Seven Deadly Sins Knights of Britannia - Quest Menu

How To Do Fetch Quests

In addition to the standard fighting quest, you can also play as Elizabeth and Hawk to collect items. The controls for the fetch quests are a little bit different from the battle mode.

You’ll be limited in what you can do, but you can use Triangle to have Hawk attack, while Elizabeth can gather items with Circle. You can jump with ‘X’.

Seven Deadly Sins Knights of Britannia - Fetch Quest Controls

Magic Item Creation

You can use the magic crystals you gather from breaking things or discovering them in the map exploration mode, which can then be used to upgrade your items using the magic item crafting tool when you return to the Boar’s Hut tavern.

The Magic Item Creation tool is based on the ingredients you gather in missions and side-quests, along with the amount of magic crystals in your inventory. The more items you gather and the more magic crystals you have, the more items you can craft.

Different icons represent the different types of items you can craft. The circular dragon icon relates to increasing your HP. The blazing fist icon relates to battle enhancements for your abilities… this can also be used in Duel Mode. The icon with the three dots and the dialogue box are to help you with your abilities in the exploration world map mode, and are only useful during Adventure Mode.

Seven Deadly Sins Knights of Britannia - Magic Item Creation

Once you complete the basic tutorial you’ll unlock the ability to travel around Britannia and unlock additional locations and quests.

Go to Vanya village first and talk to the villagers to unlock Battle 2 on the field map with more knights.

You’ll be able to change your equipment before each battle, but at the start of the game you won’t have anything because you’ll be as poor as a Socialist in Venezuela.

Once you defeat the knights you’ll unlock a main quest entry. Serpent of Sin of Envy.

You can select to do this quest from the tavern quest menu.

The mission involves fighting a bunch of devilish little imps. You’ll need to kill all the imps in the map to complete the quest. They’re pretty easy, and you’ll unlock the Serpent Sin of Envy, Diane, as a playable character.

Seven Deadly Sins Knights of Britannia - Diane The Serpent Sin of Envy

This will also open up the next main quest involving Gilthunder.

After a short conversation you’ll fight Gilthunder.

He’ll guard your basic attacks, so use Mirage Step to get around to his back to attack him.

Guarding only works when you’re facing an opponent, so be sure to get around to his back or side once he begins to guard. Watch out for his AOE lightning attacks and try to stay on the move to avoid his lightning projectiles.

If you’re having a hard time in the fights, it might be best to complete a few side-quests to get stronger.

Once you’re ready, you can travel to the Baste Prison to start the mission The Road To Baste Prison.

You’ll play as Diane in the mission, where she can stomp around and crush the soldiers while showcasing her tight, big butt.

Seven Deadly Sins Knights of Britannia - Diane's Butt

Once you defeat the soldiers this will open up the new West Liones map, along with a host of new missions. The first quest in the West Liones requires you to defeat a few easy soldiers, while the next quest to open up is Trial 6, where you must defeat a number of soldiers within the time limit.

Before you can get into the prison you’ll have to complete a number of other quests first.

You’ll need to visit Dr. Dana to trigger another story sequence and a battle where you play as Diane.

Once you complete The Knights’ Plot, you’ll unlock The Day Love Struck.

Seven Deadly Sins Knights of Britannia - Tavern Rumors

The mission involves Meliodas fighting off more knights. The mission is a flashback for Diane explaining how she met Meliodas.

The next mission involves fighting Ban inside the prison. It’s not too hard if you just remember to block at the start of the match and then wail away on Ban within the tight corridors of the prison walls. Of course, the more you fight the more the walls begin to break down.

If you can successfully defeat Ban you’ll unlock the Fox Sin of Greed and he’ll join the team.

This will also unlock the mission A Special Scar, which is a mission where you play as Ban and fight Meliodas.

You’ll have to exit the tavern and travel around Britannia to unlock the next quest. Head south to the Central Fort to take on the next main quest, The Black Hounds Strike.

You’ll have to fight off some giant hounds.

Once you finish the mission you’ll be able to move past the West Liones and into the Central Liones.

Head to the Tala Inn to unlock Battle 9 and Trial 7.

In Trial 7 you’ll play as Gilthunder, and must kill dozens of enemy soldiers with a few minutes.

If you complete either Battle 9 or Trial 7 it will unlock the next main quest at the Tala Inn.

This will unlock The Holy Maiden’s Wish at Necropolis. The Land of the Dead pop up on the main map.

The fight will involve Ban taking on King.

The CPU won’t block much, so you can get in close with Ban and focus on using his combos. The CPU will focus mostly only throwing projectiles, so stay close to him like Michael Jackson stayed close to little kids.

This will unlock Necropolis map in Duel Mode along with opening up the next main quest against Guila, The Exploding Holy Knight.

Guila will use both long range and melee attacks. It’s best to alternate between melee combos and projectiles. Build up your meter and use R2 as soon as it’s full.

Once Guila is defeated, this will open up the quest The Fairy King Returns, where it’s revealed that Ban has a thing for lolicons.

You’ll play as King, who must also defeat Guila, after Elaine, King’s sister, confesses her love for Ban, who has a thing for lolicons.

Once you defeat Guila again this will complete the main quest segments in the Central Fort area, and will open up the new Southern Fort location on the map.

You can complete some side-quests if you want or head to Byron to continue the main quests.

The team decides to also search for the Sacred Treasures.

Once you reach Byron a side-quest opens up to save Elizabeth. You’ll need to fight Griamore to get her back.

Complete Battle 11 to unlock the Fight Festival Begins quest, which is located at the Great Vaizel Rock.

Defeat Diane in A Quarrel of Sweet Nothings to unlock Diane for Duel Mode, along with the next main quest line.

The Holy Knight Revenge is the next quest in line, which you’ll find once you enter into Vaziel.


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