Steam Early Access Spammed With VR Games From Appnori

Back in the days of Steam Greenlight there was a practice to flood the entry list with multiple games that were all the same, and attempt to pitch them to gamers and voters as “okay”. Well, it seems that the same practice is back and this time it’s happening over on Early Access. Except the new catch by Appnori wants to charge full price for the same title(s).

To put things in context, back in 2016 there was a “developer” who would post games every so often on Steam Greenlight. These games were exactly the same and were usually number counting “games” that would go up 20+ or alphabet “games” spanning from A-Z. They were essentially the same game, but with one thing altered to bill itself as a “new entry”.

The thing that prevented a lot of these “games” from leaving the depths of Greenlight were community votes, however every so often one of these copy/paste games would escape.

Skip to 2018 and we now have our seemingly first batch of copy/paste games on Steam Early Access that mirror the now defunct Greenlight, except the publisher and developer over this new batch of “games”, Appnori, wants to charge people for this old practice:

“Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access? “We plan to gradually raise the price as we ship new content and features.””

The copy/paste titles that all feature the above blockquote will soon be official “games” on June 5th, 2018, and come in as Archery Kings VR, Badminton Kings VR, Baseball Kings VR, Squash Kings VR, Tennis Kings VR, and PingPong Kings VR.

This wouldn’t be alarming if all six titles were just one “game” and did not charge people with the initial price point gradually increasing as new “content” added for each individual “game”.

In addition to the above, this could lead to the act of spamming the entry list of Early Access with the exact same trash games, which could set a new precedent much like in the Greenlight days.

With all of that said, what’s your thoughts on this old practice coming back? Do you think that it’s a non-concerning issue to Early Access? Do you think that it can be detrimental in the near future, or do you think that if it’s ignored it will go away?


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