SJШs Criticize Black Panther For Not Having LGBTQ Scenes
Black Panther

The media maybe fawning over Black Panther greatly in order to create racial divides and convince non-black people to skip on seeing the movie by playing up the outrage bait, but the media also isn’t done preventing people from going to see the film. In fact, the next goal is convincing the LGBTQIA community to skip out on the film for not supporting them.

Author Charles Pulliam-Moore published a piece for Gizmodo, claiming that Marvel missed an opportunity for representing the LGBTQIA community.

Pulliam-Moore points to the fact that the comic version of the Black Panther had two of its female warriors come out as lesbians, and yet in the movie this didn’t happen, writing…

“Though Aneka is not Okoye, characters become remixed and reimagined all the time when they’re adapted for films. A romance between Okoye and Ayo is the sort of thing that easily could have been included in Black Panther with something as simple as a longing look and a bit of flirting kiss, but it looks like we’re going to have to wait even longer for the MCU’s films to catch up with the times.”

Vice also chimed in, attacking the movie for not having more homosexual romances present on the big screen, quoting those from the social justice side of Twitter claiming that Black Panther needed more black lesbian romance.

Linda Yang writes…

“[…] some in the LGBTQ community aren’t satisfied with its representation of sexuality on screen: While fans initially thought that the film included a queer romance inspired by the World of Wakanda comic book series based on the same universe, they’ve been disappointed to find that it does not.


“And to make matters worse, a recent interview with one of the film’s writers revealed that the movie may have initially included such a love story—but it was edited out.”

Black Panther is already a film that is asking a lot out of the typical movie-going audience to view a film where nearly the entire cast of “heroes” are minorities. It’s an even bigger ask to make them fringe minorities.

Black Panther is already coming under fire for heavily pushing the identitarian racial politics to the point where plenty of non-blacks have opted out of seeing the film.

Rotten Tomatoes has also helped in turning people off of the film by censoring and removing negative comments and reviews, forcing an uneven and unrealistic score to be portrayed for the super hero flick.

Had Marvel gone a step further, pushing away heterosexuals from Black Panther as well, there wouldn’t be much of an audience left to go out to theaters to support the film.


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