SNK Heroines Video Previews Scandalously Succulent Attire And Character Select Options
SNK Heroines

NIS America and SNK Corporation have 10 minutes worth of gameplay footage from the upcoming fighting title due to drop on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch later this year.

SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy has already courted some controversy, with some game journalists attempting to shame the developers due to the [current year] sociopolitical antics of trying to keep sexually voluptuous and attractive females out of both niche and mainstream video games.

Nevertheless, SNK seems intent on catering to their core fan base (for now), and they recently showcased some new footage of the fighting game at a recent NIS press event, which unveiled tons of new footage and media assets for upcoming NIS America titles, which included SNK Heroines. The footage was captured by DualShockers, which you can check out below.

So first up, we can see that based on the roster menu, it appears as if there will be quite a few characters, just under 30 if the heart selection screen is anything to go by.

I can also imagine that character selection motif being quite popular in the last remaining MUGEN communities.

SNK Heroines - Character Select Screen

Once you select the character, you can then choose from the available palette options and costumes, some of which are scandalously succulent. Assuming you have a taste for two piece bikinis, dominatrix getups, and bra-less overalls.

After that you’ll get to select your supporter, which can be anyone from the available roster. You also get to select their costume and colors as well.

We see that you can mirror match your own team, which we see in the video above where two Leonas are selected in two different outfits.

SNK Heroines - Mirror Match

I’m really digging the Leona with the eye-patch. I can definitely see that being worked into the actual King of Fighters story.

It’s pretty amazing how much could be gleaned just from the first minute of the video.

The actual fighting is pretty straightforward and simple. We see that it’s really easy to charge the meter and pull off special moves, as well as tag in and tag out teammates.

SNK Heroines - Leona Butt

There’s also a lot of fan-service even with just the chicks standing there. SNK made sure that characters like Mai and Leona have ample cleavage on display and their boobs are constantly bouncing even while they’re just standing in the idle pose. Leona’s boobs also bounce all over the place while she’s stunned, giving viewers plenty to ogle.

It’s hard to tell if the game will offer the FGC thick competition in the tournament scene, or if it’ll be hard to adapt to the the FGC’s stiff rules for fighting games where scantily clad fighters are concerned. Nevertheless, it’s obvious that it’s likely going to be a big hit with gamers interested in explosively entertaining gameplay, even if the overall challenge ceiling is a little… flaccid.

Nevertheless, the game is geared toward a very specific audience who enjoys sexy ladies, cosplay, a humorous storyline, and easy-to-learn controls.


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