Solo: A Star Wars Story Teaser Trailer Underwhelms By Playing It Safe
Solo A Star Wars Story

Disney finally let loose the official Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer during the big Super Bowl event. The trailer is already trending on YouTube like Logan Paul’s career suicide was trending on social justice Twitter.

The minute long trailer gives you a brief look at the film with the troubled production that Ron Howard ended up picking up as a last ditch effort to save the flick. There’s absolutely nothing remarkable about the trailer or the teaser, and it plays on the exact same space opera tropes that have become a tired trend by this point.

You can check out the by-the-books, and safe-as-a-hamser-on-a-wheel trailer below.

So it turns out that the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story is actually a teaser, and the announcement for the trailer was just so that the trailer could announce that the full trailer is coming February 5th. A typical announcement for an announcement ruse.

Nevertheless, the trailer looks like a typical new-age film trying desperately to capture the look and feel of George Lucas’ classic trilogy. It’s a real shame because for as much hate as Lucas gets, people sure do try hard to imitate his style of filmmaking.

Anyway, there’s nothing really special about the trailer. Thankfully they avoid trying to push for any kind of diversity agendas, and they don’t seem to hammer home any sort of multicultural propaganda, which has become oh-so-common in just about every other big budget Hollywood flick… but then again that might all change in the full trailer when it drops February 5th.

I’m not at all convinced that this film will right the Star Wars ship that has tilted off into the wayside after Disney got a hold of the IP. The Last Jedi bombing at the Chinese box office seemed like it was pretty good indicator that Disney may have overstayed its welcome. It’s also interesting that they only teased the Solo film during the Super Bowl instead of taking out time to do a proper promotion of the film, especially with the theatrical release date set for May 25th.


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