Sony Bans PS4 Gamer For User ID From 2012 They Now Deem Offensive

PSN ID Banned

Back before political correctness absolutely destroyed the creative landscape of video games from 2012 onward, a lot of gamers were allowed to do and say and play things that are no longer acceptable today. In today’s Liberal-media controlled environment, saying or doing the wrong thing in the even on social media can net you an outrage campaign designed to do little more than give the members of the Intersectional Inquisition on Tumblr or Twitter a self-serving orgasm. The reality is that back in 2012 a lot of gamers did, said and created things that are no longer allowed in today’s online environment… such as having a PSN user ID named KingMADAFAKA.

A user on Reddit going by the handle of tiago28peixoto lamented about losing everything when Sony’s customer support called to tell him that his PSN user ID was permanently banned and that he was losing all of his stuff. In a thread posted on February 19th, 2018, he wrote…

“This morning I received an e-mail from PlayStation informing me that my account was permanently banned due to violations of the PlayStation Network Terms. Of course they didn’t bother to inform me in the e-mail why exactly I was banned so I had to call PlayStation Support. In that call they told me that my account I was banned for life because my online ID violates the Code of Conduct. My online ID is (was) KingMADAFAKA. I admit that it is a stupid username, but I created when I was only 12. I asked them if there was a way to change the username in order not to loose every game that I had on my account (my FIFA account was amazing, I had a really good Ultimate Team) and all the money that I invested in the account, but they said that I can not change the online ID, therefore my account is banned for life and I have to create a new one from scratch. Is it really fair to ban someone for a username that PlayStation accepted 8 years ago? Can someone please help me?”

He’s not lying about his performance in FIFA According to the public PSN Profile he has a penchant for sports games, especially EA Sports’ FIFA series, which is no surprise given that he’s from Portugal. He has a ton of trophies and pretty good standing across multiple games.

However, he’s been unable to access his account because it’s been disabled.

Multiple users on the Reddit thread noted that they, too, encountered the exact same problem. Sony has been retroactively banning users based on user ID names that they now deem to be unacceptable.

There was an update to the SEN Code of Conduct policy back in April of 2017, and it states that you aren’t allowed to have an offensive online ID…

“Make sure your Online ID, messages, forum posts, user generated content or any other form of communication are not offensive to others: do not post anything that is defamatory (making an untrue statement that may be damaging to the person concerned) or racially, ethnically, religiously or sexually offensive.”

The typically Sony-leaning N4G actually had plenty of gamers who were actually against Sony’s move here, stating that being 12 years old and making a funny user ID should not be grounds for banning someone permanently and stripping away all of their digitally purchased goods. User xPhearR3Dx wrote…

“He was 12….At the time, PSN was free. Things were a lot different. 8 years is along time with a ton of opportunities to purchase hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of games. To take all of that away, over a decision you made 8 years ago when you were 12, over basically “FAKA”? Yeah, that’s a bit ridiculous. “

Even Gearnuke notes that not being able to change your username and then being banned for it seems like a step too far, even for Sony. They also contrast that by pointing out that Microsoft does allow you to change your username or Xbox Live ID… for a small fee.

As noted in the original Reddit thread, this has been happening to quite a few PSN users who had names that Sony deemed to be “inappropriate” or “offensive”, and after being banned they had to hop on the phone with Sony’s customer support in order to get their account restored. The one piece of advice a large majority of users gave to the distraught fellow was to keep calling and never give up until the account gets restored.

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