Soul Calibur VI Producer Touches On Story, Siegfried Rumors, Switch Version

Keen fans who follow Soul Calibur VI news might already know the information that went down between Kayane and producer Motohiro Okubo. The interview touches on the game’s story, Siegfried rumors, characters that could be potential guests, a Switch version and more.

While we wait to see if Soul Caliber VI will make it in the upcoming Weekly Famitsu March 8th, 2018 issue (released February 22nd, 2018), a new interview went down that features Soul Calibur VI producer Motohiro Okubo. You can read the full interview by hitting up

Parts of the interview lie below for your reading pleasure. One of the first questions inquired about the story mode:

Kayane: What kind of story modes would you do? Because for example, Soul Calibur V had a two-hour long adventure and in Soul Calibur III, every character had its own story mode. Do you have any idea about what you would like to do?


Okubo: As far as ideas go, we already have lots of them as well as finalized concepts, but we can’t talk about them yet. But we can already tell you that fans will love them!


Kayane: The Story Mode is already finished?


Okubo: *Silence*

The next question and answer relates to the highly talked about character Siegfried.

Kayane: *smile* Okay. So there are many, many Siegfried fans asking if the character will appear in this game, especially since Nightmare is Siegfried. I know you can’t reply to this, but can you say something to the fans. They’re harassing me, chanting « Siegfried! Siegfried! » *laughs*


Okubo: *laughs* I know, I know ! I’m really sorry, but I can’t say anything yet! Though I will say that now that a few new characters have been revealed, we’ll continue revealing new characters, in time, so please look forward to it.

The next query and answer coincides with what Maximilian Dood had said during his appearance on UpUpDownDown at 14:30 about the character roster number not being official.

Kayane: There’s only 20 characters at launch. I was wondering how it’d go with the balance in power between good and evil.


Okubo: We cannot yet say it’d be 20 characters. We’re still working on that. Discussing it and trying to find new ideas. So no, it’s probably not going to be 20 characters.


Kayane: I see. There were 20 slots, but I guess it’s not final, then. Will there be DLC characters?


Okubo: *huge hesitation*


Kayane and Okubo: *laughs*


Okubo: No comment ! But I will say that when we add new characters, we think about how they relate to the others. We take some real and careful consideration into balancing them so that the fights may be fair.


Since we’re going back to the time around Soul Calibur I and Il and the clash between the Soul Edge and the Soul Calibur, we already know most of the characters that can be included here. It’s also one of the deciding factors in our choice. There will also be new characters, like Grøh, who will play in integral part in this Soul Calibur’s storyline.


Kayane: So Grøh won’t be the only new character?


Okubo: *silence* You’ll need to wait to find that out! *laughs*

The next question relates to stages. You can read over the questions and answers right here.

Kayane: I’ve seen the two new stages and they are very big. It’s pretty hard to Ring Out, even near the Ring Out zones… Did you limit them or is it just the stages there that don’t allow it?


Okubo: I don’t know if I should say that, but aside from the two stages presented in the demo, there will obviously be smaller stages.


I know it doesn’t fully answer your question, but when we design stages, we think about things like Ring Out, breakable parts and things that could change the setting. And it’s also really important that players know just by glancing at them where the Ring Out zones are or what can be smashed. We take great consideration into the visual cues and, like the characters, we’ll reveal more stages as time goes by.


Kayane: So will this game have a stage per character?


Okubo: I can’t answer that, unfortunately.

Other questions touched on 2B from NieR: Automata and Noctis from Final Fantasy XV being possible guest characters, however Okubo tried to avoid the questions best he could or attempted to give a vague explanation that left it open their implementation open.

The next question and answer touched on the Nintendo Switch and if the team can develop a Switch version.

Kayane: So there are rumors about Soul Calibur on Nintendo Switch… Do you think it’s a game that could fit on it?


Okubo: So… When we started development on Soul Calibur three years ago, we didn’t have any information about the Nintendo Switch. This means we’re not actively involved into making anything for it as of now, but one day… Maybe…




To elaborate, we’re not actively working on it, but since the Switch is performing really well and its innovations can lead to new ways to play fighting games… We have some ideas about what to do, but we can’t do anything right now. But, maybe, if we get the opportunity to work on it in the future… We’ll see.


Also, the Unreal Engine 4 is compatible with the Nintendo Switch. Obviously, we’d need to make a few changes for the console to be able to make the games run properly, so we’ll need to work hard on that alongside Epic so that they can make the necessary adjustments. So, if we ever do a port, know that it won’t be an easy affair.

Okubo also noted that a Switch version of Soul Calibur VI could run at 60fps, if the “resolution” is lowered. Moreover, the interview also dabbled in collaborations with other anime characters.

Kayane: Have you ever thought about making a collaboration with anime characters? I really think that Saber from Fate/stay night could fit in a game like Soul Calibur. We only see collaborations between games – Star Wars being the exception – but I’m thinking… Is it possible to do that in the future?


Okubo: There are a lot of ideas and possibilities with these kinds of collaborations, so don’t mark it as an impossibility.


Even though Tekken and Soul Calibur fans are the same at their cores, what they expect from their games differ. There are a lot of possibilities as far as guests go, but there also need to be a certain sense of cohesion within the Soul Calibur universe for them to make sense. That’s one of the most important aspects, though the possibilities are fairly endless. No leads can be overthrown as long as they make somewhat sense.

Soul Calibur VI will release this year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If you want you can read the full interview by heading on over to


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