The Station Gameplay Walkthrough
The Station Gameplay Walkthrough

The Canadian developers behind the game The Station announced that their sci-fi, first-person, mystery puzzle game is currently available right now for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. You can pick up a digital copy right now from the respective online digital stores. For gamers who have already picked up a copy and are having trouble unlocking the achievements and picking up the trophies or completing the puzzles, there’s a gameplay walkthrough available for The Station.

YouTuber Maka91 Productions put together a 100% gameplay walkthrough guide for The Station, and it surprisingly only clocks in at just under 17 minutes. You can check out the walkthrough below.

After the cinematic, move through the door and you can pick up objects using the right bumper on the controller. After picking up an object, you can hold down the left bumper to examine the object using the analog stick.

Pick up and put the power cell into the receptacle on the left hand side of the screen, as indicated in the video above.

Move through the door and into the hub area of the station.

Your next main goal is to:
Find Aiden Vyse
Find Silas Haze
Find Mila Lexa

You can run through the station by holding down the right trigger, this will help you move quickly through corridors and accessways without slowing down.

You’ll also find the first of 24 audio logs by the lounging area looking out into space. You can head over to the orb and press the left bumper to activate the audio log.

Make your way over to the back of the room on the right hand corner, and you’ll see a panel. Use the right bumper and the right analog stick to swing or drag the panel open.

Just grab the little node and push over to the right and then drag it upward until the LED turns yellow.

Turn to your left and head through the door where there’s a light shining down on you. Move through the corridor and turn to your left and go up the stairs into the upper deck, as indicated in your Augmented Reality Menu, which you can pull up by pressing Triangle on the DualShock or ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller.

In the upper deck you’ll find the second audio log, which is the blue orb just on the other side of the median tree display.

Head back down the steps and swivel just barely to your right and you’ll move through into another room where there’s an audio log on the counter. Take it.

Turn to your right and proceed toward the locker with the initials “A.V.” on them, marked in yellow. This is Aiden Vyse’s locker.

Press the left bumper to activate the locker passcode. Input the following pattern into the locker in order to open it and acquire an achievement.

Proceed to head over to the locker with the ‘M’ symbol on it for Mila. You’ll need to input the following pattern sequence in order to open the locker. After putting in the code proceed to open the locker in full using the right bumper and the right analog stick.

Grab the science wing key at the bottom of the locker and it will be added to your inventory.

Proceed back through the hallway and locate Aiden Vyse’s room. Go inside and grab the audio log near the WAFFLES poster.

Exit the room and go into the maintenance room. Once inside go to your left and pick up the laser tool from the bench using the right bumper. Take the tool back over to the rack over on the far right side of the room and it will be placed back into the rack.

You’ll need to find and place the remaining three tools back into the rack for Aiden Vyse. The second tool is located on the ground just below the rack. Pick it up using the right bumper and place it back onto the rack.

The third tool is on the glowing maintenance table in the middle of the room. Pick it up and place it on the rack as well.

The fourth tool is located in the far left hand corner of the room, past the purple magnet tool station. You’ll find the plasma caulker on the shelf. The filling tube should be glowing a light blue.

Once the tool is placed back inside the rack the ID bracelet will be locked from the the ID scanning mechanism.

Take the bracelet to unlock the achievement. Head upstairs and go into the control room overlooking the maintenance area and you’ll find an audio log on the desk. Take it.

Your next step will be to repair the maintenance robot, so make your way back downstairs and there should be a blue panel on the farther side of the room with a bunch of white square nodes on it.

Press the button that is the second to last button on the far upper left corner, as indicated in the image below.

The mechanical arm will reach down and grab a box but it will fall and break. In order to pick up the item you’ll need to acquire the magnet tool from the purple glowing station just to your right.

Use the tool to pick up one of the fragments that dropped from the box. Once you’ve acquired one of the fragments, head back over to the maintenance robot and get close enough with the magnet tool until the fragment connects to the robot.

Head to the opposite side of the room where there’s an access panel near the doorway that you entered from. Open it up.

Use the node to activate the power override and slide it across until the LED turns yellow.

Head back over to the blue panel with a bunch of white buttons, and you’ll need to press the square button on the top right edge of the second set of four square buttons on the bottom right, as indicated in the image below.

This will cause the arm to reach up and grab the box from out of the storage wall, and it will place the box on the ground instead of dropping it like last time.

Grab one of the voltage regulator power cells out of the box and take it over to the maintenance robot on the other side of the room. Once you bring the cell over to the robot it will reactivate the robot and unlock an achievement.

Exit the maintenance room and head back down the hallway. Make a left at the first corridor and proceed down the hall until you reach the dining room. Go inside.

There’s an audio log on one of the tables. Take it.

Just beyond the table there’s a sitting area with a large window next to it. On the table is another audio log. Take that one, too.

Exit the dining room and enter into Captain Mila Lexa’s room.

Go into her bedroom and grab the audio log.

Exit the the bedding area and up upstairs and there’s a bracelet on a table just to the right of the stairs. Take it to unlock the achievement.

Exit the room and go directly left into the next corridor. Take the audio log.

Proceed down the hall and make a right into the medical room.

At the back of the room, straight ahead, you’ll find another audio log. This should be audio log number 10. Take it.

Exit the medical room and go into the bridge directly across the hall and there’s another audio log just in front of the co-pilot’s chair. Take it.

There’s an emergency lockdown panel directly next to where you picked up the audio log. Interact with it and move both the sliders in opposite directions of where they are: top slider goes to the right, bottom slider goes to the left.

Head down the steps and then make a 180 and go directly into the door behind you.

Make your way down the hall, to your right until you reach the conference room on the left side of the hallway.

Go inside and grab the audio log on the conference table.

Your next objective will also be to find Silas’ ID bracelet.

Head to the end of the table and pick up the broken item under the Axiom AR display.

Exit the conference room and make your way to the end of the hallway. There’s another looking area that faces out into space – you’ll find another audio log on the table. Take it.

Just off the looking area is the science wing. Head into the door.

Take the audio log by the stasis tank scanning module, and then turn around and by some other monitors on a desk you’ll find a second audio log. That should make 15.

Exit the science wing and make your way back into the hall. This time, take a left and follow the hall all the way to the end where the main hangar is located.

Re-engage the airlock by moving the two sliders in opposite directions.

Enter into the hangar and a dead body will drop from the ceiling. Press ‘F’ in your mind to pay respects.

Take the audio log right in front of you.

Head left into the room at the corner of the hangar.

In the corner of the room there’s a power cell glowing yellow. Take it.

Head out of the room and down the stairs to your right – there’s the engineering room where the engine is located. Place the canister on the ground.

There are six canisters connected to the engine. Two of the cells are empty. Take them out.

Place one of the yellow canisters inside the fuel cell calibrator. You’ll need to calibrate the frequency. There are 10 buttons, five on the top and five on the bottom. You’ll need to activate buttons 8, 4, and 7 in that order so that they appear in the order as pictured in the image below.

Once the canister is calibrated, take the power fuel cell out of the calibrator and place it into the fuel cell injector along with the other cells.

Take the second yellow cell canister and place it into the calibrator.

Input the sequence as pictured below with buttons: 9, 1,1.

Press commit to calibrate the cell and then take it back to the rest of the cells to place it inside the engine injector.

You’ll have three sliders that will become active, you’ll need to slide all three to the left. This will also unlock an achievement.

An audio log is located in the corner of the room just behind you. Take it.

Exit the room up the stairs that will lead you to Silas’ room. Go inside.

Take the audio log and then head down the steps. There’s a locked door against the wall. Input the following password as pictured in the image below.

Go inside the room and take the audio log on the desk by the three monitors. On the desk with a book “The Secret Store”, you’ll find Silas’ ID bracelet and you’ll unlock another achievement.

Exit Sila’s room and go directly into the room next to it on your left.

Proceed up the stairs and take the audio log.

Head back into the hall and make your way toward the bridge again. Exit the bridge and go to your left.

Make your way around the hall and past all the junk.

Further down the hall there’s a white medical room on your right. Take the audio log inside the room. Proceed down the steps located at the back of the room.

Through the door make a sharp right and you’ll find another audio log.

Exit the door and move through the hallway to your left – there’s a door on your right with two orange-glowing lights on either side. Go into the door.

Follow the purple blood on the floor and make your way through the hallways and up the stairs. There’s another audio log inside the love room.

Exit the room and make your way to the escape pod to end the game.


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