Studio MDHR Will Make More Video Games In The Future

Studio MDHR is the one behind Cuphead, the 2D side-scrolling indie game that was a hot seller last year. It launched across Steam, and for Xbox One on September 29th, 2017. But Studio MDHR seeks to make more video games, possibly those outside of the Cuphead property.

During the late part of 2017 Studio MDHR disclosed the news about Cuphead selling well over 2 million copies across all platforms. The following write up in blockquote can be found on Studio MDHR official website, which reads:

“Much to our shock and amazement, we can announce that Cuphead has now sold over 2 million copies across all platforms. Even in our wildest dreams, we never thought our crazy little characters would be embraced by this many fans from around the world and we are continuously humbled by your support.”

With a successful title like Cuphead on Studio MDHR hands you would think that the company would continue making video games, right? The obvious answer is that’s all Studio MDHR wants to do according to a recent tweet.

It’s unclear what these new games will be given that in an interview with IGN for an episode of IGN Unfiltered, founders Chad and Jared Moldenhauer announced their studio will return to Cuphead at some point.

In addition to the above, Jared had said during the interview the following:

“Guaranteed you’ll see Cuphead at some point. But as far as what are our plans, what are we distinctly doing next, there’s been zero time to really breathe or think.”

According to both Moldenhauer brothers during the interview, they said that they would have chats about the future, but it’s uncertain if Studio MDHR’s next game will be another Cuphead title.

What is known is that we’ll see “more games” from the company “for SURE!” To keep up to date with any news about what Studio MDHR has in store for gamers you can hit up, which is currently looking for a Senior Unity Programmer/Engineer.

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