Sunrider Academy Uncensored Patch Available For Download

Sunrider Academy Uncensored Patch

Love In Space and Sekai Project’s Sunrider Academy has been out for a while, but if you missed the original release of the uncensored patch, there’s one available for the Steam release of the game. has a quick installation and download guide available for the uncensored patch of Sunrider Academy You can pick up the patch from over on the page.

First thing is first, download the patch and then locate the Steam folder for Sunrider Academy. If you don’t know how to get to the folder, you can do this by opening up the Steam client, selecting Sunrider Academy from the list and then right-clicking on properties and going to the folder for the game. You can open the folder from within the Steam client. From there you just have to extract the contents of the patch into the “Game” folder of Sunrider Academy.

Steam user PPCH Darth Vaper put together a guide as well, and pointed out exactly how to spot if you patched the game correct. The version should change, as indicated in the image below.

If you’ve done it all correctly you’ll be able to experience the game in all its uncensored glory.

The game itself is about a dude named Kayto Shields who ends up at the Sunrider Academy. Kayto is put in charge of fixing up the academy and turning it into something worthwhile. Along the way Kayto will attempt to exercise his dating skills excellence and score some hot chicks along the way.

If you missed out on the game when it originally came out back in 2015 you can pick up a digital copy from over on the Steam store for $9.99. If you’re not sure about the visual novel you can grab a free demo as well and see if it’s a game worth getting an uncensored patch for.

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