Super Seducer Launches March 6th For Soy Boys, Betas, Male Feminists And Incels
Super Seducer

Today’s generation of males are suffering from being betas, male feminists, and soy boys. Too many of these incels have latched onto the wildebeests of feminism and the land whales of intersectionality, practically becoming beta orbiters just like the moons around Saturn. Well, there may be a fix for that in the form of a dating simulator from renown pick-up artist, Richard La Ruina.

The game is called Super Seducer and it can help transform you from a rapist male feminist ally, into a mediocre man who can score some decent looking chicks.

Super Seducer is set to launch on March 6th for PC and PS4, giving you an opportunity to invest some time and energy into picking up and scoring the kind of women you want to share your bed (or their bed) with. You can get an idea of what the game is like with the new release date trailer below.

Super Seducer features more than nine hours worth of live-action footage along with 520 different choices and multiple endings to unlock. You’ll work on honing your seducing skills and learn how to be an effective and gentlemen seducer.

The press release also has a section that attempts to appeal to the #MeToo crowd, stating that they have “strong female roles” and that “improper” and “offensive conduct is punished and corrected”, and that the “correct path” is always the one that would be most “appropriate in real-life”. So I guess that means none of the male staffers from Vice Media would enjoy this game.

I imagine another group of gamers, like those from the MGTOW crowd, will completely skip over this title because they’re likely just going to wait for better Japanese sex-bots to become commercially available over the next couple of years instead of wasting their time trying to play pick-up artist.

Additionally, there’s going to be some beta orbiters who will desperately want to get their hands on the game, but will likely get reprimanded by their wildebeest overseers, forcing them to get back in line and beg forgiveness on the #MeToo hashtag for being born with a schlong and pebbles.

For all you normal dudes out there looking to step up your ‘A’ game and score some hot chicks, or for all you soy boys looking to switch over to a roast beef diet, or for all you game journalists and male feminists who aren’t in prison for raping women, you can look for Super Seducer to launch on the PS4 and PC starting March 6th for $19.99.


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