Superhot Is The Only Standout For March’s Xbox Games With Gold
Games With Gold March

The March, 2018 Games With Gold have been revealed, featuring four free games for those with an Xbox Live Gold subscription. The news went live over on the Xbox Newswire, where the month gets started with two games that most people probably won’t care about.

On March 1st there’s Trials of the Blood Dragon and Brave: The Video Game, the former of which is regular $14.99 but will be free between March 1st and March 30th, and the latter which regularly retails for $19.99 but will be free from March 1st to March 15th.

Both games aren’t the sort of games that normal games will be excited about, given that Trials of the Blood Dragon – aside from its fairly decent retrowave soundtrack – is a huge step backward from Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. The game is a side-scrolling, physics-oriented re-skin of Ubisoft’s Trials game with the neon flavor of Blood Dragon. You don’t play Rex Colt, though, you play his kids who are designed to play up to the crowd constantly screaming and yelling for “diversity”, which did not go over well with a lot of gamers.

Brave: The Video Game is an Xbox 360 title, and a poorly made cash-in game that came out with the movie. It was also recently made backwards compatible… but I have no idea why Microsoft thought that this would be a good game to add to their line-up of Games With Gold.

After dealing with the abominations of the first half of March, you’ll have a real game to play starting March 16th with Superhot for the Xbox One. This is actually a really fun game, but I really, really, hate to say it… it’s actually better in VR.

I had a lot of fun with Superhot, and it’s a completely different take on the action genre given that time only moves when you move… so move wisely.

The VR version offered tons of freedom when it came to solving the action-oriented puzzles just because of how much freedom you had with dodging bullets and punching dudes in the face (or crotch).

Even without the VR features, Superhot is still a wicked game and the only decent game on the list of free titles for the March offerings of Games With Gold.

Finally, there’s the Xbox 360 title Quantum Conundrum, which will be available between March 16th and March 31st. Like Brave: The Video Game, Quantum Conundrum is also a backwards compatible title, although I tend to doubt many people will be fussed with wanting to even install it.


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