Top 5 Middle-Ages Games
Age of Empires

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The boisterous medieval times represent an overflowing well of inspiration for game developers around the globe. This era is also a fan-favorite backdrop that can includes fantasy staples such as; orcs, elves, and dragons. There is something truly great about mounting your loyal steed and charging fearlessly in battle, regardless of the looming odds and entering the medieval realms to partake in such an activity is something that peaks our interest.

It’s not that modern times are boring, but the irritable old time’s charm easily wins in my book. Even better, there is a plenty of quality titles that bring the cherished setting to our screens and invite us to embark on glorious adventures. We have singled out some of the standout games, so get ready to be blown away by the blast from the Middle-age past.

Age of Empires II HD

The second iteration of the top-rated Age of Empires stands the test of time, hailed as an evergreen paragon of RTS games. The upstart developers, Ensemble Studios, had to overcome various challenges and pour their heart and soul into the game that eventually sold millions of copies and became a beloved classic.

Recent years have even produced a handful of expansions and an HD version, which breathes new life into the old “Rock, Paper, Scissors” formula. We will even get a definitive edition of the first two games this year. AoE III, which was released in 2005 is also a solid game, but if you want to jump right into AoE II HD, watch some pro matches and check out how the best players around completely own their opponents.

The Witcher 3

Rightfully hailed as the king of open-world, action RPG-s, Witcher 3 has attained universal acclaim and won the hearts of numerous adventure-ready gamers. Namely, based on the novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, the third installment was a cross-platform sensation that swept accolades such as E3 People’s Choice Award and the Golden Joystick Award.

Although the game takes place in a fantasy setting, riddled with dwarves, elves and mighty beasts, it oozes medieval charm and aesthetics. It also pleases me that the intellectual property (IP) continues to transcend the limits between mediums. Namely, the popularity of the Witcher will surely reach even greater heights with the advent of the Netflix original series. The hunt is on.

War of the Roses

This thrilling action game takes us back to the battle-ravaged and tumultuous era of 15th century England. War of the Roses is a third-person multi-player title with an opulent arsenal of weapons and myriad ways to kill your opponent. Indeed, a combat control scheme delivers a prime hack-and-slash action experience that feels historically-rooted.

One of the most revered features is in-depth customization of characters, which satisfies even the most specific of tastes. Thanks to this freedom and level of detail, the game fostered a devoted, cult community: bands of warriors engage in social media conversations and real-world meet-ups. So, choose your house wisely and watch your back.

Mighty Black Knight Slot

There is no stopping the Middle-Age trend, which has also managed to spill over into the gambling games sector. The prime example of this unlikely, yet fruitful marriage comes in the form of the Mighty Black Knight Slot. It’s a highly popular, big bet WMS software-based game with 5 reels and 10 to 100 paylines.

The maximum amount of playline occurs when the Mighty Reel feature kicks in, while Free Spins feature bring up to 40 free spins. Not surprisingly, the gains spike as you bet more money. Players seem to adore the medieval theme and flocks to get a taste of it in large numbers. So, are you ready to go on a crusade that will bring your rich spoils?

For Honor

Another multi-player entry on the list, For Honor, is Ubisoft’s much-anticipated flagship (or should we say longboat?). Published in 2016, it is a thrilling, action-packed, all-out melee fighting game with three distinctive factions. Yes, I know, seeing Vikings and samurai clash on the battlefield might not be most historically accurate, but it sure is a spectacle to behold.

Multi-player skirmishes feature AI minions, well-designed arenas, and the Art of Battle combat system. The world is visually stunning and there is a plenty to learn about the combat mechanics. The Faction War stenches across platforms and tests your readiness to answer the call to arms.

A brave new heroic age

What is not to like about middle ages? Knights in shining armors wander around, seemingly impregnable fortresses stand tall, court intrigue weaves, and widespread superstition prevails. Games that are reminiscent of this bygone era still attract a large following.

They allow gamers to immerse and get lost in the beautifully rendered and vivid worlds that aim to portray the history realistically or add a vibrant fantasy twist to it. We have covered some of the best and most absorbing titles, but there are some other games to look out for, such as soon-to-be-published Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

It is time to take a sword in hand. The road is long and full of looters, beasts, and bandits, but I am sure you will be able to deal with them.


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