UncensorPat.Ch Offers Gamers Uncensored Patches For Steam Games
UncensorPat Ch

Working as a sister-site to the sub-Reddit Steam Uncensored, the web portal UncensorPat.Ch is designed to give gamers a quick and easy to use resource database for uncensored patches for games currently available on Steam.

The website recently opened up and has an extensive selection of games available on the database, including many of the popular visual novels on Steam that have been heavily censored, such as the Sakura visual novels from Winged Cloud.

They’ve recently added a number of games to the database, including Deep Space Waifu: Flat Justice, Criminal Girls: Invite Only and Elise The Devil to name a few. You’ll also find that there are easy-to-follow instructions to install the uncensored mods or uncensored patches for the Steam games.

According to the creator, Pat, the idea was to create a reliable and easy-to-use database where gamers could quickly and efficiently find nude mods and uncensored patches for games currently available on Steam. In a Reddit post, Pat explained…

“The idea is to keep a consistent set of information from game to game, and install instructions that read similarly so you don’t need to spend much time trying to figure out what to do – which results in more time in the game, enjoying the uncensored glory!


“I’ve also mirrored all the patches onto Mega so that the information can be retained if the publisher pulls it / goes down.”

This is all part of an initiative by the community to take back their industry by the might and will of their own hand.

During the course of 2017, certain Puritanical groups began pressuring Valve and threatening to bring lawmakers into the fold regarding some of the uncensored games and content featured on Steam.

Valve was forced to enforce their terms of service and prohibit developers from publicly displaying uncensored patches on their Steam pages or from distributing the patches through the forums.

Thankfully, gamers could still inform each other about these patches and slyly spread the word about uncensored patches.

You can check out the database over on UncensorPat.ch to learn more.


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