Vice Media Hit With Class Action Lawsuit For Gender Pay Gap
Vice Gender Pay Gap Lawsuit

Vice Media did a heck of a lot of virtue signaling about feminism, women’s rights, the gender pay gap, and generally being anti-#GamerGate activists over the last half decade. However, all of that has come back to bite them hard on the rear end when it turned out that some of their most staunchly active male feminists were sexual harassers, and the people who claimed that #GamerGate was a harassment campaign turned out to be sexual abusers.

Vice has been under serious scrutiny and embarrassing sexual misconduct scandals revealing that the company has come under fire for being a culture of sexual harassment.

Well, adding on top of all of that is a new class action lawsuit from former female employees who claim that they were generally paid less than their male counterparts for the exact same job.

MSN is reporting that the suit was filed by a former project manager at Vice Media named Elizabeth Rose. She claims that a number of women were paid less at Vice for doing the exact same work as men. One man was hired in under her made $25,000 more than her, and was later promoted over her because the suit alleges that top executives at Vice felt he was a good fit for dealing with male clients at Live Nation.

The suit also states that Rose managed to get her hands on an internal memo with the salaries of 35 employees, where she found out that women in some of the same positions as their male counterparts were paid anywhere between $10,000 and $15,000 less.

In one example of the suit a man and woman were both hired in for the same positions but he was paid more; one of the managers claimed that the woman was paid less due to budget restrictions.

Vice issued a response to Variety in response to the suit, stating…

“We have just been made aware of the complaint and are reviewing it. As a company, we have made a significant commitment to a respectful, inclusive and equal workplace. That commitment includes a pay parity audit started last year, a goal of 50/50 female/male representation at every level by 2020, and the formation of a Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board.”

If it turns out that the pay gap between the genders is true, and if Rose has enough ample evidence to back it up, it’s just another notch on the board against Vice Media, proving that all the postmodern posturing and feminist rhetoric was a cover for far more sinister motivations and actions taking place behind closed doors.

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