Video Game Gambling: An Upcoming Great Thing for Online Casinos
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The online gambling industry is no stranger to modernization, we all know about this. Online casino operators are forever coming up with new innovations and twist on the recognized format, pushing the envelope in terms of player experience while introducing new bonuses, features, functions and wins to their online games. Whether it’s new technologies that are being initiated in gambling for the first time, or a fresh approach designed to increase engagement or launch new games and promotions, casinos are forever on the lookout for the upcoming great thing.

One of the most capable of these developments in recent times has been the move towards skill-based gaming, first and foremost with video games at the core of the gambling offering. As an option to the tried and tested chance-based games like slots, these skill-based video games could carry an even closer hybrid between video gaming and gambling online, rewarding proficiency rather than pure luck.

Do you know the big idea behind these games, and could skill-based video game gambling provide evidence the next main frontier for the online casino industry? And how would these models work, both for casinos and players or gamblers, to present a feasible, enjoyable gambling experience? So, here we will discuss what this term is and how it will work.

What is Video Game Gambling?

For now we are going to take an example of Super Mario. Now see in your mind’s eye that instead of playing to complete the game or make an impression on your friends, you’re playing to get a high enough score to win some money. That’s precisely what you’ve got at the heart of the video game gambling idea. Players are rewarded for doing well in the game, based on their own talent and performance, rather than on being in the right place at the right time.

Super Mario Video Game

Compare that with online slots, as a all the rage example from the casino world. There’s no way of guaranteeing a win, and whether you’re a complete new player or a tough old hand, your luck will be exactly the same.

Whereas slots are extremely popular, players sooner or later find themselves changing to play new slots, or moving to different games altogether, if only to mix things up a bit. When you bring in the skill element, you are introducing more of a challenge for players, which are inherently more eye-catching, and more likely to support players back time and time again. And with money on the line, there’s all the more necessity to play these games than to play your standard purely recreational video game.

Why This Could Be Huge

With moves towards gamification (game modification) right throughout the online casino industry, video game gambling could be seen as the ultimate aim for this approach. Gamification is, in a nutshell, the process of turning the otherwise functional into a game, and it runs throughout online casinos, even today.

That’s why you’ll find leader boards of loyalty points or slots tournaments, and even social elements designed to keep you coming back for more. There are gaming elements being arranged accurately everywhere in the online casino space, and it’s having a promising impact on engagement, loyalty and ultimately the growth of the industry.

Video game gambling takes this a step further, basically gamifying the game. So rather than a slot where there is minimal player interaction and engagement, these games, which are set to deploy similar economics as slot machines, put players right at the heart of the action. The net result is likely to be an audience that is more engaged than ever before, and this means in all probability a positive impact on the casino’s bottom line.

It isn’t some distant, far off pipe dream either. Video game gambling concept is already starting to come into view in both online casinos and land based, and could well go on to be the industry’s next one of the big things.

Making Waves with Skill-Based Gaming

Skill-based gaming is already starting to roll out at land based casinos. Atlantic City, for example, is now home to skill based gaming machines across its casinos. Following on from changes in the law late in 2016, Atlantic City resorts took stock of some of these gaming machines, with Danger Arena, a classic shooter being the first game to hit the casino floor. While it’s too early to tell whether this is the start of a gaming revolution, early feedback from players and the casino operators appears to be positive.

By giving players an extra point of engagement, where they might want to improve their skills, better their score, or beat their friends, and mixing this with the ability to win money in a similar fashion to a regular video slot machine, these types of games could well be behind the next significant shift in gaming behavior.

It’s not likely skills-based gambling will leave behind traditional casino gambling, but in this commerce, it’s clear that anything is possible. Through bridging the gaps between traditional video gaming and online gambling, skill based video games are giving casinos yet more ammunition in their bid to attract new players and keep them engaged in the world of online gaming and gambling.

We hope that this article will help you understand the concept of video game gambling better. So now be ready to try your luck and talent to win huge rewards.



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