Weekly Recap Feb 10th: Subnautica Conservative Firing, Rotten Tomatoes Coddles Black Panther
Weekly Recap Feb 10th 2018

This was another week of the Regressive Left taking measures into their hands to further censor media, firing people for wrongthink, and make life miserable for those of us just trying to get through each day without dealing with all the nonsense that comes with the SJƜ craziness.

Unknown Worlds Entertainment really set the gaming world on fire by firing an employee for his Conservative views. Some gamers said they would be boycotting the developer for politicizing the game in such a fascist way. Not to be upstaged by that act of authoritarianism, Rotten Tomatoes decided to coddle the reviews of the film Black Panther by censoring and deleting any negative comments or negative user reviews they deem to be “hateful” or “racist”. The Regressive Left also picked up a win by getting YouTube to completely demonetize Logan Paul’s videos temporarily. One win after another the SJƜϩ.

These stories and more in this February 10th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap here at One Angry Gamer.

Nexon Lays Off Staff After Lawbreakers Underperforms

Nexon is cooking jobs off their skillet like most people shoo flies off their barbecue, and the company is claiming that the diversity-driven, unisex bathroom-touting first-person shooter, Lawbreakers, had nothing to do with it. Well, most people would beg to differ, but oh well. Some new weapon models for an upcoming Battlefield game have popped up and some gamers think that this is a hint at the long-rumored Battlefield WW2. And speaking of rumors, some new rumors have surfaced indicating that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is what’s on the docket for this year’s annual first-person shooter release from Activision and Treyarch. And finally, Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studios have announced that Space Hulk: Tactics is set to arrive later this year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


Subnautica Sound Designer Fired For Being Conservative

More politically-charged firings have been taken place, this time involving a sound designer being fired from Unknown Worlds Entertainment for sharing Conservative views on Twitter. Not only that but the developer is also replacing the male character in the game Subnautica in order to be more progressive. Yes, they’ve gone full blown SJW. Germany is now getting involved with the loot box and microtransaction discussion, as their German Youth Committee has expressed dangers of premium loot boxes for youth. The Overwatch League continues to die a pitiful and unremarkable death, this time losing 13.5% of its viewership compared to the second week. And Randy Pitchford from Gearbox Software has expressed some modicum of pleasure in the progress they’re making on the newest Brothers In Arms game.


Rotten Tomatoes Is Banning Negative Black Panther Reviews

There’s really no better way to turn people off a movie than by censoring any kind of negative opinions. That’s exactly what Rotten Tomatoes is doing by preventing people from leaving negative comments about Black Panther on their website. Smart trolls will likely start leaving positive reviews using nasty language… or at least, that’s what good trolls would do. A reader offered a counter-argument for the article we published about Dandara, defending the developers and the claims about them being part of the SocJus movement. Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive have confirmed that The Surge 2 is currently in development. Meanwhile, Quantic Dream is currently under fire for cultivating a “toxic” design environment, and while they’re seeking legal recourse, the Parisian fiduciary committee has begun investigating into cutting public funds for “toxic” development studios like Quantic Dream. So much for being a “woke” studio, eh?


YouTube Drops The Demonetization Hammer On Logan Paul

It looks like the free ride of stupidity is coming to an end for Logan Paul when it comes to free ad money from making videos about dumb stuff. YouTube has temporarily disabled all the ads on Logan Paul’s videos following complaints from PETA and images of him tazering dead rats and performing CPR on his dying gold fish. Bandai Namco is supposedly working on some new IPs and they’re also rumored to be helping Nintendo with Metroid Prime 4. If you’ve been interested in some old-school classics from the MS-DOS and Amiga era of gaming, you can check out nine new classic Infogrames titles that have been added to Steam recently. And Capcom has a real winner on its hands with Monster Hunter World, which has managed to ship more than 6 million units globally, making it the fastest selling game in Capcom’s history to reach 6 million units within a month of being released.


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