Weekly Recap Feb 17th: Loot Box Legislation And ComicsGate Censorship
Weekly Recap Feb 17 2018

While #GamerGate was a fast-burning dumpster fire that outed plenty of lying journalists as rapists and sexual abusers, #ComicsGate is more of a slow burning tire in the back corner of a junkyard no one really visits all that often. Nevertheless, some Hot Pocket-paid mods on two of the biggest comic book sub-Reddits decided to censor all discussion of #ComicsGate in order keep the plebeians in line. This helped throw some lighter fluid on that burning tire and get a few people to stop and look before ignoring the burning tire in the corner of the junkyard.

The next step in loot box legislation has taken place, headed up by Hawaii representative Chris Lee. The proposal is that you’ll need to be over 21 to purchase games that contain premium loot boxes and that they’ll need warning labels on the boxes. The FTC was also dragged into the fold, which could render some interesting results if they decide to actually do something about it. Oh, and a former #GamerGate supporter was outed as an impersonator and a pedophile. These stories and more in this February 17th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.

ComicsGate Discussion Gets Banned On Reddit

The DC Comics and Comic Books sub-Reddits have permanently banned #ComicsGate discussion. Like a smaller, flaccid, and stinkier version of #GamerGate, some of the traditional autocratic forces on the Leftist side of the table are trying to censor discussion in order to prevent people from joining forces and fighting back against the corruption in the comic book industry handed down by SJ?s. The whole loot box thing for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 has been so awful that EA and DICE have given out a free loot box to compensate for some other loot box problems they had. The creators of Cuphead aren’t done by a long shot. The developers are working on building up and building out more games, which hopefully includes a Cuphead 2. And there’s going to be a full length version of the Kung Fury sequel, starring Michael Fassbender and David Hasselhoff.


Pro-GamerGater Outed As Pedo

A long time ago in a land called Tennessee, a pro-#GamerGater was arrested for child porn. After doing his time and joining Xbox Live, he eventually created a fake persona named Hope McKenna. He embodied this persona while supposedly fighting for ethics in media journalism. Hope McKenna is now lolcow-worthy. Unlike Marvel, DC Comics decided it was time to pull the plug on employee nonsense happening on Twitter. The comic book company told their employees no more social media spats. Now if only someone could convince Marvel of the same thing. And that not-so-gaming cash-in called Ready, Player One is set to debut at the end of March next month.


U.S. Senator Wants FTC To Investigate Loot Boxes

A U.S. Senator decided to beseech the FTC to investigate loot boxes. The four member panel during the hearing actually acquiesced and stated that they would look into the situation of “predatory loot boxes”. The OEM MSI have joined up with PC Building Simulator, which is due out this March. Just a day after launch Kingdom Come: Deliverance had its DRM cracked, but it wasn’t anything serious anyway and the game is also coming as a DRM-free download via GOG.com, so there’s really no love-loss here. Planetoid Pioneers ended up getting off to a rough start on Steam after graduating from Early Access. And hilariously enough “woke” Leftist organization, Vice Media, is now getting hit with a class-action lawsuit from former female employees who are alleging that there was a gender pay gap at the organization.


Majority Of Gamers Don’t Like AAA Publishers

In a recent study it was revealed that 41% of gamers prefer non-AAA made games from publishers who aren’t always trying to game journalist-them in a back alley. A lot of gamers also recognize that newer games aren’t very innovative either, and this had led to plenty o fgamers checking out indies instead of the traditional AAA games. The controversial BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle finally received its pricing and DLC roll out details and gamers may not be all too pleased with the final pricing for the game. The developers of the System Shock remake at Nightdive Studios have gone on a hiatus in order to get the project back on target and under budget. A new strategy game called Klotzen! Panzer Battles sees players taking on the role of Germany in an attempt to invade the U.K., and the U.S.A. Even when EA does something right does that warrant for people to forgive them? And a new study shows there’s no link between violent video games and desensitization to violence.


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