Weekly Recap Feb 24th: POTUS Vs Games, Sarkeesian BioWare Fallout, Ubisoft Alters History
Weekly Recap

This was a jam packed week of depressing news for gamers. Well, technically there was a small sliver of hope insofar that unconfirmed reports from BioWare are saying that some of them rejected Sarkeesian’s disgusting message that she tried to spread at the Edmonton studio following her visit in late January. How true this is is anyone’s guess, but pray for the souls of the rebels… for they do not wish to be sacrificed at the altar of the Intersectional Inquisition’s obese glutton of cultural Marxism.

But on to the bad news… the President of the United States, Donald Trump, has been talking with Republicans who have been blaming video games for the Florida high school shooting. This has furthered the moral panic about video games causing violence in America. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Ubisoft has admitted to purposefully altering history in Assassin’s Creed to once again feed the degenerate dragon of the progressive stack. These sad and pathetic stories and more in this February 24th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap here at One Angry Gamer.


Republicans Blame Video Games For Florida School Shooting

It’s just like the 1990s all over again, and Republican Conservatives are calling for video games to take the spotlight during the latest bit of debate surrounding the discussion of the recent shooting at the Parkland high school in Florida. And speaking of politicians, Hawaii’s representatives have put together two bills to curb the use of premium loot boxes and major retail and digital releases. Xbox gamers will look forward to being able to play games not quite at 4K and not quite at 1080p, but just right with the 1440p resolution when an update goes live for the Xbox One S and Xbox One X later this year. Journalists got offended that Kingdom Come: Deliverance didn’t kowtow to their diversity agenda, and so now they’re trying to spite the developers at Warhorse Studios in any way that they can.


Some of BioWare’s Staff Weren’t Happy About Sarkeesian’s Visit

It turns out that some of the staff at BioWare apparently weren’t too keen or too happy about Anita Sarkeesian visiting their studio regarding her talk about Anthem and other third-wave feminist topics. Unfortunately we don’t get names or numbers so we have no idea what percentage actually rejected the culture critic’s supposed toxicity. EVO 2018’s registration has opened up, giving gamers an opportunity to fly to Las Vegas and fight it out on the grand stage in front of a live audience. Nintendo Switch owners can get a little bit excited because Shin Megami Tensei V‘s development is officially underway. Soul Calibur VI could make its way to the Nintendo Switch, but it wouldn’t be 1080p but it would be 60fps. Some gamers are okay with loot boxes and microtransactions so long as they’re cosmetic. And a review site decided to politicize their review of Kingdom Come: Deliverance and then disable the comment section.


Ubisoft Admits To Revisionist History Propaganda

Ubisoft has admitted to purposefully revising history in Assassin’s Creed games in order to avoid “historical sexism” from appearing in the game. Yes, they really admitted to historical revisionism for Assassin’s Creed: Origins. The Nintendo Switch managed to narrowly beat the PS4 and Xbox One in the January, 2018 NPD charts but beat them it did, continuing its skyrocketing trend toward legendary status in the gaming world. Medium has taken to censoring Conservatives on its platform, even for off-site behavior. Farmer’s Dynasty is back on Steam after a slight DMCA row, and one of the Overwatch League teams kowtowed to the feminist shrieking by adding a female player to its roster.


President Trump Goes After Video Games… Again

Years before he became President of the United States, business mogul Donald Trump targeted violent video games. Well, a year after being inaugurated Donald Trump is putting violent video games back into the national discussion after other Republican politicians have tried shifting the blame to them following the Florida high school shooting. In an editorial, a discussion about video games and VR porn is discussed and whether or not it’s the way forward for the industry. Soul Calibur VI’s latest trailer revealed that Ivy is back and she’s completely uncensored with huge bouncing boobs. And despite a whole bunch of protests from ess-jay-dubya media, Kingdom Come Deliverance still managed to sell more than a million copies in one week.

Polygon Becomes The Enemy They’ve Attacked

Polygon’s Ben Kuchera tried to vilify Republican politicians for blaming video games for the Florida shooting, but they’ve ignored all the vilification they’ve done to gaming over the years, attacking gamers as being sexists and racists or even trying to drag gaming into the discussion about fictional violence causing gamers to become violent in real life. Speaking of things worth vilifying in gaming, Konami has begun charging $10 for extra save slots in Metal Gear Survive. Spike Chunsoft has four games in the works set to release later this year in the West; the games will be announced at this year’s GDC in San Francisco, California. There’s a lawsuit going on over Star Control, where the original creators are counter-suing Stardock Entertainment who they claim prevented them from making a new spin-off game in the Star Control universe. And finally, there’s CD Projekt Red… hinting at when gamers will finally get to see the first gameplay footage of Cryberpunk 2077.


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